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Honoring the archetype of new beginnings in your business

Honoring the archetype of new beginnings in your business

Every spiritual tradition has its own way of acknowledging the return of the light.

When days start to grow longer after the darkest time, we are connected to the archetype of New Beginnings.

Fresh energies are available to us, with new hopes for what is yet to come.

And because all those symbols are active in your psyche, even if you are not aware of them, it’s a great time to shine a light on how you do things in your business.

Personally, I like to refresh my message, review my strategies and reconnect with my inspiration.

If you haven’t done it yet, I invite you to engage in a similar type of process.

This is how I do it.

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Can we write copy with integrity and authenticity?

Can we write copy with integrity and authenticity?

Words can hurt and words can heal.
And because words matter, many folk stories taught us exactly that.

Remember the story of Rumpelstiltskin?

Once upon a time, a greedy king asked a peasant girl to spin a bunch of straw into gold or he would kill her.

In her desperation, she accepted the help of a weird-looking, little man who would do the magic for her as long as she would give him her first-born baby.

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How to understand who your ideal clients are (with the help of archetypes)

How to understand who your ideal clients are

The purpose of your business is to help people solve a certain problem. 
We agree on that, right?

The next thing you need to be crystal clear about is who you want to help. 

And you want to find it out as soon as possible, because…

  • How will you know where they gather?
  • How will you know what topics to write about that are of interest to them?
  • How will you know where to share your content?

Without knowing who you serve, trying to connect with them is all guesswork!

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A heart-centered way to stand out in your field (a Jungian perspective)

A heart-centered way to stand out in your field (a Jungian perspective)

I don’t know if more than ever before, but this world needs healing.

So if you do some kind of transformational work, know that your help is necessary.


We are undergoing a huge transformation, as societies and as people.

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What makes you (and your work) unique?

What makes you (and your work) and unique?

For a long time, as much as I disliked the word “competition” and had tried to shift my mindset about it, I couldn’t shake the tightness in the pit of my stomach at the thought of it.

I had just launched my website in English, and I felt like a tiny particle of dust in a vast universe.

Why would anyone choose to work with me? -I wondered. 

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Brand Alignment Q&A: Are my clients exactly like me?


After attending one of my Stand Out by Being You workshops, a participant sent me this comment:
“I believe I do my best work with clients who are not at all like me. But when you talked about archetypes in your course, I understood you said that our best clients are those who are like us.”

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Stand out: 5 things that make you stand out and be different from other professionals

5 Things that make you stand out and be different

The only way to stand out in today’s world is to be different from all other professionals out there who do what you do.

The market is so crowded that your ideal clients won’t even notice you unless you position yourself under a different light.

They won’t pay attention to your content.
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Your Ideal Client: Where can you find your ideal clients?

When you are in business, (and you are the minute you start charging for your coaching, consulting or healing), you need to know who your ideal clients are.

As I shared in my article: Understand who your ideal clients are, a lot of your business success depends on you figuring that out.

So many decisions are based on who your clients are, from the type of content you’ll create, the topics you’ll cover, to the problems you’ll solve with your services. Because all is tied to who your ideal clients are, the sooner you figure out who you love to work with, the better.

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Stand out: How to create a conscious connection with your ideal clients

In this day and age when everything goes so fast, we’ve lost the capacity for attention.

Our emails are flooded, our Facebook feeds are non-stop, and not to mention the webinars we want to attend. Who has the time -and attention- for all that?

The same is going on for your potential clients.

If you are in any way like me, you built a business to Continue reading

Career Personality Test: The best personality tests for career happiness

best personality testsYou’ll never be happy in a career that is misaligned with your values or doesn’t allow you to play to your strengths. Period.

And so, many of us ended up at the wrong career because we lacked enough clarity about who we are and what’s important to us. Because, to put it simply, knowing who you are is an essential requirement for career happiness. Continue reading