About Charo

Want to know a bit about who I am?

Hi and welcome! My name is Charo Pinilla.

I work with Heart Centered Professional Women who feel stuck and frustrated in a soul- sucking job. They are going through a midlife career crisis and ready to make a career change.

I help them find their passion, and discover how to make a living doing what they love. All while creating a life full of meaning, fulfillment and freedom.

I am a Career Change Coach, but for several years I worked as a Building Engineer, a career I had devoted lots of years to achieve, but that was making me ill (both literally and metaphorically). That led me into both a healing and a self discovery journey i which I learned what truly makes a career right for each one of us.

A couple things I believe in…

1) Life is too short to spend it doing something we don’t care about.
2) You are unique, and there is a contribution only you can make to this world.

And my goal is to help as many people as possible to find that thing they love and are meant to do, share it with the world and turning that into their living.

What about my passions?

I love the moment when someone light ups right after making a discovery about who she truly is.
When someone connects with her inner gifts, talents and strengths, their inner longings suddenly make sense under the light of who they came here to be; that’s a wonderful thing to be a witness of.

And I love being their Guide through their self-discovery process.
It’s a Sacred moment. And a really transformative one, when they finally give themselves permission to be who they truly are and accept what their hearts have been really longing for. The inner struggle stops, and you’re freed up to be who you are.

I love that. And in order to make that possible, I’ve researched as many self discovery tools as you can imagine 🙂 To this moment, my favorite tools are Archetypes and Jung’s Cognitive Processes, they are so spot on!

I also love cats, taking long walks in nature, and music.charopinilla

So that’s my short bio. But if you want to read a more about my story, including all the dirty details about how I failed and finally found my path, you can read it here: A more personal story (include active link here)
To your Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity
Charo Pinilla