About Charo

My goal is to help you differentiate from others in your field

to Stand Out and be noticed by clients who value who you are and what you do.

Hi, I’m Charo Pinilla Villaverde.

I work with Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and other Heart-Centered Professional Women who struggle to stand out in today’s over-saturated and noisy marketplace.

I help them discover what makes them unique, different and valued by their ideal clients, so they can stand out in their field with authenticity, integrity, and heart.

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My story

Why do I care about this?

In my previous career as an Architect, I used to build houses. 10 years after I graduated, I was at the peak of my career.

But what almost nobody knew is that I was also exhausted,

…and feeling profoundly miserable.

All the efforts trying to fit in, to be successful, to become someone my family could be proud of; while I was ignoring my dreams, my true calling, and my purpose, took a toll on my health.

And then one day I was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness.

On my thyroid, the middle point between head and heart.

That’s when it dawned on me: I couldn’t keep denying the fight between what I thought I had to do, and what I really wanted to do.

That was my first wake up call,

…and the beginning of my healing quest.

My Big Shift

I could tell you that I found my passion and purpose -which I did- that I started doing what I love -which I also did- and I lived happily ever after.

But then I would be lying to you.

What really happened was that I whole-heartedly believed the “Do what you love, and money will follow” mantra.

And it didn’t work! (I have 3 failed businesses to prove it, but I will save you the gory details).

Do you want to know what made the difference?

When I stopped focusing just on what I WANTED to do, and humbly listened to what OTHERS WANTED, too.

I found the sweet spot where my passion and purpose met a need in the world.

I learned that business is not just about you, it’s also about the people you are here to serve.

“Know Yourself, Understand Your People” has become the foundation of all the work I do.

Now as a Branding Strategist and Career Change Coach, I help others build sustainable businesses while being true to themselves.

3 Things I absolutely believe in…

1)  You are unique, and there is a contribution only you can make to this world.

2) Life is too short to work on something unfulfilling.

3) You can get paid to do what you love as long as:

  • You find the sweet spot where your passions meet a need in the world and…
  • You share your message with those who might be interested in what you do. (or you won’t get seen!)

What about my passions?

At the core of what I do, is helping others understand themselves and foster self-acceptance. From there grows the confidence that allows you to share your work with the world,

…and change lives.

I’m deeply curious about any tool that helps me know myself and others better.

My biggest influences are Depth Psychology, Debbie Ford, Caroline Myss, Michael Neill, Robert Johnson, Mark Silver, Carol Pearson…


I love cats, trees, good science fiction novels, hiking, and music.

So that’s a bit about my personal story and why I do this type of work.
If you want to read a more formal bio you can get it here.

And continue reading more of my story on Charo’s Blog
To your Purpose, Prosperity and Inner Peace