Is this You?

Solopreneurs who provide some type of transformational work to their clients around health, relationships, work or business.

They are holistic practitioners, healers, consultants, coaches who have trained in many different modalities.

And because they have a big toolbox of techniques they can use, they find it hard to put everything they do into a message that people can understand.

They are caring, multitalented, creative, open-minded, sensitive, action takers, curious, intuitive, heart-centered.

But they are tired of…

...Not knowing how to articulate what they do so people listen.
Putting so much effort into marketing, without getting results for it.
…Stuck with content creation, and struggling to come up with ideas.
…People not getting what it is they do
Feeling invisible, and ignored.

I work best with those who…

  • Love to learn new things about themselves (personality, talents, etc)
  • Are open to trying new, but really effective, tools and techniques
  • Want to bring their heart and soul while growing their business
  • Are nice, caring and want to do good in the world
  • Value authenticity and integrity in life, and in business

My past clients include Career Coaches, Health Educators, Energy Healers, Yoga Teachers, Resume Writers.

I offer online workshops, and 1-on-1 coaching programs to help you:

  • Discover Your Difference: The thing that makes you and your business unique and valuable to your ideal clients.
  • Craft Your Message: Articulate what you do so your ideal clients get it.
  • Create Your Signature Solution: The transformational process you take your clients through (even if what you do is intuitive!), which positions your business as one-of-a-kind in your industry.

If you resonate with my work, I’d love to be of help.