Is this You?

The people I can help the most share some of these traits:

-They are multi-talented women who feel called to do transformational work: either through coaching, healing, or some type of consulting around personal development

They were successful in a previous career (typically in a technical field) but their heart wasn’t on it. They crave more meaning and a sense of purpose.

-They had to hide part of who they are  (like intuition or sensitivity) just to fit into their previous careers.

-They are overachievers and overly responsible, and tend to put other people’s needs ahead of their own.

-They got side tracked due to family responsibilities or a demanding career, and now feel ready to live their purpose of helping others through a service business.

And they are struggling with one of these problems:

Which one of these situations best describes You?

1) I feel lost and confused about my path.
You are at a crossroads, or changing direction in your career or business,
Still have no idea which is the righ path for you that will make you happy while also paying the bills?
The solution is to find clarity about your path. Read more…

2) Working too hard for too little results.
You are overworked and overwhelmed, by creating a lot of content and sharing it everywhere. And still, you don’t get the response you expect.

The solution is to Stand out from all the other professionals who do what I do. You can start by taking my What makes you different?  Quiz.

3)  Struggling to articulate what you do in a way your clients get it.
You have a lot of different techniques in your toolbox, and find it hard to describe what it is that you do so ideal clients really get the value of what you offer.

The solution is to put all your knowledge into a coherent system that becomes the basis of your body of work.  I invite you to a free, no-obligation call with me. You can request it here.

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