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How to make your business message more compassionate (with NVC)

Nati Beltrán on Non-Violent Communication

How willing are people to hear your message? The way you communicate will influence your relationship with others and how open they are to listen to you.

In this interview with Nati Beltrán, a Non -Violent Communication expert, you’ll learn:

*What NVC is and why now is more necessary than ever.
*How we might be using “aggressive” language without even being aware of it.
*3 Tips you can start implementing right now to improve all your business (and personal) communications…

(If you prefer to read, I’ve gathered the main takeaways here:)

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What type of Conscious Leader are you?

What type of Conscious Leader are you?

Recently, Gema Ramirez from the Conscious Academy interviewed me for her Connecting with Heart-Centered Leaders series. 

The topic?  
We talked about solopreneurs and conscious leadership, about self discovery tools, leadership styles, strengths and weakness in how we show up in the world…
…and so much more!

We had a great time!

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