Uncomfortable charging for your work? Interview with Liesel Teversham

Uncomfortable charging for your services? Liesel Teversham

Do you find it hard to charge for your services?
Do you find it hard to talk about money with your clients? or
Are you uncomfortable receiving money in exchange for your work?

In this interview with Liesel Teversham you’ll learn:

* The 3 principles of why we struggle with money.
* How our sensibility influences our relationship with our clients and charging for money.
* The role of conflict and our way of dealing with it as sensitive people
* Why understanding our strengths is so helpful.
* A tapping sequence to release the fear of charging for our work.

(And in case you prefer to read, here you have the main takeaways from this interview)

Uncomfortable charging for your services? Top ideas from my interview with Liesel Teversham

Money is a loaded topic for many people, but especially for us sensitive entrepreneurs. But, what is it about money that makes us feel so afraid?

There are 3 principles that Liesel uses as the foundations of all her work, and explain the deeper reason why we struggle with money.

Principle #1:  Our uniqueness
Each of us is 100 % unique and therefore for each of us it may be a slightly different flavor of why money is difficult for us.

Principle #2: Our subconscious beliefs
Our beliefs influence how we view the world, and how we behave. 

Principle #3: Our strengths 
Strengths are things that are as easy for us as breathing. It just comes naturally and easily to us

On top of all that, being sensitive brings other factors to the table:

First, we care deeply about others. So when a person comes to us for help, we want to serve them. But if they have trouble with money, our caring nature is going to want to give to this person, even for free.

So the resistance to charge for our services is not based just on one thing, there’s a lot under the surface.

And if we add to all that a business, in which we have to charge for our services, things get even more complex.

Because sensitive people usually care more about the other person than about the money.

And there is also the fear of conflict. The fear that if we charge for our work we risk that we may not be liked by that person anymore, that they may reject us, that it’s not ok to speak up, etc.

We’ll shoot ourselves in the foot, or  deny our own needs so that somebody else can have their needs met.

Those things are behavioral patterns that can be changed so we get back to balance.

First, it can be useful to know our strengths.
It was a pivotal moment for Liesel when she discovered he has this strength called “Harmony”, which has the ability to create win-win situations. 

Second, there are certain tools like Emotional Freedom Techniques,  (EFT) that helps us release the intensity of our fears.

EFT or Tapping as is also known, is a technique in which we tap on certain points on the body, and that send calming signals to the part of our brain which stresses out and reacts with fear.

When you do this tapping  while you’re thinking about a problem or the feeling that you have about charging, or anything else that feels scary, it sends calming signals to the amygdala. It helps it to calm down those scary feelings

And when we are calmer, we can act and behave in ways that are more beneficial to us and the other person.

Tapping is safe to everybody, with a few caveats:
If you have suffered severe trauma, if you have epilepsy, or are pregnant, it’s better to do tapping with an experienced practitioner who has been trained to do it in a safe way.

Apart from that anybody can benefit from it.

At minute 18, Liesel guided me through a Tapping sequence. You may want to tap along with us and get borrowed benefits from the tapping.


About Liesel

Liesel helps sensitive souls to build quiet confidence. She helps them to work through the blocks and fears that stop them, and find and embrace their true, authentic strengths. 

Some of her favourite tools are EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping), and CliftonStrengths. Used together, they provide a solid foundation for any introvert who wants to make a difference in the world in their unique, quiet way.

If you want to know more about Liesel’s work you can visit her website: www.savvyselfgrowth.com 

And make sure to take a look at her upcoming course , “Release Blocks to Charging for your Services” I will be there too!