Using dreams for guidance in uncertain times

Using dreams for guidance in uncertain times

How would you like to have a personal mentor, guiding you on your path, warning you about impending dangers, and helping you choose the right projects? 

And what if this mentor was available to you for any issue, without asking for money in return? 

Most people don’t know it, but we all have access to this type of help.

Call it intuition, your Higher Self, or a deeper intelligence…

the thing is we all have it. And receiving its wisdom is just a matter of learning how to communicate with it. 

How to access the wisdom in your dreams

There are many ways of accessing your Inner Wisdom, but the one I like the best is this one: 

Listen to your dreams. 

Dreams have been a source of guidance, help, and healing for centuries.

In ancient Greece, people from all over the place would travel to the Temples of Asclepius where dream rituals took place.

But dreamwork isn’t just something of the past.
It continues to be a useful tool that depth psychologists and Jungian oriented practitioners use to help their clients all over the world.

Our lives are full of unknowns these days.
And because of that, we need all of our abilities, especially our ability to connect with our intuition and deeper wisdom.

In these times of uncertainty, I find in dreams a trustworthy source of support and guidance.

And if you want it, you can too.

The practical application of dreams

Working with dreams is not a pie in the sky, airy-fairy stuff as some people think. On the contrary, our night dreams contain very useful suggestions on how to improve our lives.

You just have to decode their message to find practical, down-to-earth ideas ready to be applied to your current life.

Here is an example of a real situation of mine. 

I am currently dealing with a legal issue. 

For two months, we’ve been waiting for an answer from this bank, but they’ve been very silent.

Then last Wednesday, out of the blue I had a dream in which I was visiting an attorney because the bank had denied our request. 

Lo and behold.
On Friday, I was notified that the bank had said “No” to our proposal.

If I wouldn’t have had this dream, I would have felt pretty frustrated with the situation. But my dream had warned me and even suggested what to do about it.

And because of this, I was able to handle the whole situation much more gracefully… and keep my peace of mind.

It may sound like a coincidence.
But I’ve had too many dreams of this kind to know better. 

My invitation to you

1) Think of a problem you are trying to solve but have been struggling with it for some time. What decision are you trying to make but haven’t been able to make up your mind yet?

2) When you go to sleep tonight, do it with the intention of receiving a dream.

3) In the morning, make sure you write it down everything you can remember: any ideas, feeling, images, sensations. Ask yourself, How can this be related to my current issue? and notice what comes up.

It may very well contain the seed of the perfect solution.

Happy exploring!