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Be known as an expert by niching down (on a topic you love)

Be known as an expert by niching down (on a topic you love)

When you have lots of interests, It seems impossible to focus on just one thing. Multi-passionate people are in a never-ending quest for growth and learning.

We are very curious -yep, that’s also me- so we keep adding more and more techniques to our toolbox, right?

So when we finally take our business seriously,  like in “ -Hey, Now I really need to make money with this”, one of the first pieces of advice we encounter is to niche down. 

And it sounds sooooo restrictive!

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Too many business ideas? (How to choose)

Too many business ideas? (How to choose)

I don’t know you personally, but if you are in any way like me, you tend to have a lot of ideas.

More than you can act upon.

Right now, on top of my branding & business reinvention coaching, I’d love to start a personal growth blog with a Jungian perspective. I want to run a Dreamwork group for conscious solopreneurs. And I’m also tempted to start an English conversation club for Spanish speaking entrepreneurs here in Madrid.

All those ideas sound inspiring to me. 

But honestly?

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What happens when you outgrow your business?

What happens when you outgrow your business?
What happens when you outgrow your business?

The truth is we are constantly changing. Most of the times that growth is small, so gradual we don’t even notice it.
Other times is more abrupt. We can feel the growing pains both physically and energetically, in our bones as much as in our psyche.

As a child, I used to suffer from tonsillitis a lot. I had to miss school and stay in bed, with high fever,  for a few days. Invariably, every time that happened I would come out of it a bit taller.

It’s something typical of childhood: the “growth spurt”. There was something in the fact of getting ill that allowed us not only to recover but also to physically grow.

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Find your niche: Why does choosing a niche create so much anxiety? (And how to feel good about it)

In my years as an Architect, I supervised the construction of many different buildings. I built many single family homes and a few multi-story ones. Some were conventional, and my favorite ones were eco-friendly and sustainable.

But no matter how different they were from each other, they had something in common: all of them were built upon a solid foundation.

I’m sure you get why it’s important to build a house on solid ground. Common sense -and a ton of regulations- made me pay attention to the quality of the foundations underneath those buildings.

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A little secret about getting paid for your passions (almost nobody shares)

You want to do what you love. I’ve talked a lot in this blog about how to find that thing you’d love to do. That’s the easy part. (and if you’re still struggling with that, make sure to grab my Career Clarity Cards, my gift to you)

However, there is a second part to the story. Yes, the story that goes: “Do what you love and money will follow” I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

The thing is… for most of us, it didn’t work like that.
Isn’t it time I share a bit about what it really takes to get paid for your passions?
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Career Transition series: 3 Questions you must consider before quitting your day job

Few life decisions are as scary as making a career change.

The good news is we can do a couple things to ease those fears. And not only that, we can use them to pave a greater future for ourselves.

I’m specially referring to 3 key questions that, if you find clarity about them way before you quit your job, you’ll avoid a lot of emotional turmoil in your career transition. Continue reading

Career Change: Is this one of your biggest career change fears?

career fearsWhenever we make a career change, we’re confronted with the need to let go.

Maybe it is the need to letting go of your current role, so you can embrace a new one at a different company; but it might also mean letting go of a more cherished part of who you are.

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The path of congruency: How do you know if you are on the right path?

Many people have a simplistic idea about what finding their path really means.

But as I mentioned in The 3 paths of Purpose, we are really walking 3 different paths at the same time:
-The path of congruency
-The path of growth and
-the path of contribution.

In this interview Oprah asks Caroline Myss how can anyone know when they are on the right path. And to me, what Caroline is describing here is the Path of Congruency.

I’ll let Caroline explain, in this short video, what walking the path of congruency looks like Continue reading

Find your Purpose series (part 3): The Path of Contribution

There is an interesting fact about elderly people.
If you ask them what knowledge they’d love to pass onto younger generations, most of them would say some version of:
“Life is short. So find something you really care about, and focus wholeheartedly on it.”
“Spend more time with the people you love, and don’t take disagreements with them too seriously.” Or…
”Love is all that matters, so find something you love doing and be with those you love”

Maybe that is the best possible definition of life purpose: To do what you love and be with those you love.

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Path Pointer #2: Don’t get caught up in semantics

Have you already found your passion? Because not knowing what you’re passionate about is one the biggests stumbling blocks people encounter in their journey to doing what they love.

It’s something so foundational (and frustrating) that keeps most of us stuck for more than we would be willing to admit.

-“But why, Charo?” -you may be wondering- “why is it s hard to find what I’m passionate about?”
Glad you asked, cause that’s exactly what I’ll share with you in the audio today.
Listen in to Path Pointer #2 … and discover if you are motivated by something different
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