A little secret about getting paid for your passions (almost nobody shares)

You want to do what you love. I’ve talked a lot in this blog about how to find that thing you’d love to do. That’s the easy part. (and if you’re still struggling with that, make sure to grab my Career Clarity Cards, my gift to you)

However, there is a second part to the story. Yes, the story that goes: “Do what you love and money will follow” I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

The thing is… for most of us, it didn’t work like that.
Isn’t it time I share a bit about what it really takes to get paid for your passions?
Because it’s kind of a dirty little secret no one wants to talk about.

Does this sound familiar?

I’ll use the story of Emma (not her real name, of course) as an example.

Emma’s dream was to do what she was passionate about and make a living doing it. She had been writing a blog about a topic dear to her heart, but apart from increasing the number of articles in the archives, nothing more had happened for her.

Time was passing by.

And that was just half of the problem  because now, not only was she disappointed and sad  for the lack of real money from all the effort she was putting into it. But worst of all,…
…this situation  was making her feel like a huge, big failure!

Can you relate to this?
I know I do, cause I have been exactly on the same place; and not just once, mind you.

A little secret on how to get paid to do what you love.

Many people get excited by the idea of: “Do what you love and money will follow”. The problem with that is exactly the same as with fairy tales when you hear: “And they lived happily ever after”. We both now in reality things doesn´t work that way.

Instead of fairy dust from false promises, realize that…
…Life is a dirty game.

You get dirty every time you roll up your sleeves to work on your garden, or have a baby, or pour the concrete to cast the foundations of a house. Why would building the career or business you love be any different?

Creation is always a messy processCreation is always a messy process.

The secret is that…

  1. If you want to do what you love.
  2. And get paid for doing it, then (drumroll please)
    You NEED to make it happen!

The 2 basic steps for getting paid for your passions

The first step is always to Discover your Purpose.
The focus is now on you: who you are and what matters to you. Because without clarity about your passions, talents and interests, you can’t go very far.

The good news is that figuring those things out really is the easiest part.
(As I said above, if you still lack clarity about what it is you’d love to do, go grab my Career Clarity Cards and get that figured out. )

And then comes step 2, where your focus changes dramatically (and where most people get off the path to prosperity)…
…because this is exactly where your business stops being just about you.

Make this mindset shift and you’ll be way ahead of most sensitive souls and heart centered people:
You business it’s not just about what you love, what feeds your joy and your enthusiasm.
That’s a given.
Those are the foundations upon which you’ll build your career or business.

But any business (yours included) is about giving value to others.
In other words, its about helping and serving other people somehow.

your purpose

At this stage, you need to figure out what other people want, and what they’ll be willing to pay you for.

Let me put it this way: (and please notice if this conversation makes you feel a bit uncomfortable): They are the ones with the money, so they have a say about how they want to spend it.

But, do you feel uncomfortable talking about money? That’s a clear sign you need to upgrade your mindset or you’ll never be able to get paid for your passions. (More on this topic in this article)

In order for a business to be viable, both your need, and their needs have to be honored in the process of designing your career or business.

As I said to Emma, once you’ve figured out what you love to do,  your job is to find out what your people needs. (And you’ll know you still aren’t clear, if people is not buying your stuff, yet)

I’ve over simplified the process a bit, but in broad strokes it’s like that. You need to get out of yourself and connect with those who need you.

So if you are a creative, heart centered introvert or highly sensitive person, still searching for your ideal career, but really tired of trying to do it on your own, I’d love to help.

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To your purpose, prosperity and inner peace.
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