What happens when you outgrow your business?

What happens when you outgrow your business?
What happens when you outgrow your business?

The truth is we are constantly changing. Most of the times that growth is small, so gradual we don’t even notice it.
Other times is more abrupt. We can feel the growing pains both physically and energetically, in our bones as much as in our psyche.

As a child, I used to suffer from tonsillitis a lot. I had to miss school and stay in bed, with high fever,  for a few days. Invariably, every time that happened I would come out of it a bit taller.

It’s something typical of childhood: the “growth spurt”. There was something in the fact of getting ill that allowed us not only to recover but also to physically grow.

Do we adults continue to grow?

I know. We’re not children anymore, but I’ve discovered we continue growing in many ways during our lifetime… only we grow internally now, inside of our full, grown-up bodies.

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung was so interested in the growth that occurs in midlife that he devoted most of his work to study it and help others go through it as smoothly as possible. He called this process “Individuation”.

Our souls call us to expand, to be more of who we can be, more whole, more authentic. Our souls call us to embrace aspects of ourselves we’ve rejected in the past.

I’m afraid I’m going through that myself again. I can feel the growing pains.

But I hear the voice of my Inner Critic: “What will others think of me? Will they call me a dilettante? unfocused? uncommitted?”

I take a look back and see the many projects I’ve embarked along the years, the many failures, and a few successes.

And I have to admit it. My studies on Depth Psychology -which have been going on for a couple of years now- have been rewiring me.

I’m curious, yes, but also afraid.

How will this impact my business?

Because I know it will. And right now it feels very uncomfortable.

Not knowing where I’m going.
Not knowing where it will lead me.

It could be exciting, and I surely can reframe it like that, but it’s also scary.

The Explorer in me is on-the-go again. So I guess I need a compass, some truth that I can follow to find true north. And right now, the only thing I know is this:
“I feel called to look at everything related to Solopreneurship through the lens of Depth Psychology.”

If you are curious about how this evolves come back here. I promise to keep you posted on how the journey goes.

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