The path of congruency: How do you know if you are on the right path?

Many people have a simplistic idea about what finding their path really means.

But as I mentioned in The 3 paths of Purpose, we are really walking 3 different paths at the same time:
-The path of congruency
-The path of growth and
-the path of contribution.

In this interview Oprah asks Caroline Myss how can anyone know when they are on the right path. And to me, what Caroline is describing here is the Path of Congruency.

I’ll let Caroline explain, in this short video, what walking the path of congruency looks like

Here is my personal experience on this.

I’m sure by now, you can definitely tell that I’ve been a student of Caroline Myss’ teachings for years. And I consider her one of my dearest teachers.

But apart from that, what made me realize of the need to be true to ourselves was something that happened to me back in 2002.

I still can remember it as if was today…

Before my big career shift I was working in the building industry and many times I had this very same feeling that Caroline Myss describes in this video, a huge sense that I was betraying myself.

I was not acting according to my values, my love for Nature, my deep appreciation for trees. I was in charge of the building process for a 25 house development.
Right in the middle of the land, there were some trees which -you guessed it- had to be cut down in order to build the houses.

There was nothing illegal on that, we had all the permits to do it and such, but still I had the feeling that I was betraying myself by killing those trees.
And that wasn’t the only thing testing my integrity.

After a couple years of staying in that job, I finally developed and autoimmune illness on my thyroid, which by the way, metaphorically means I wasn’t speaking my truth.

From that moment, the Path of Congruency became very real to me. Learning to walk that path it’s a day to day challenge, but now at least I’m aware of it.

So what about you? Can you recognize those moments when you aren’t living true to yourself? Please share your thoughts and lets continue the conversation below.

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