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How to overcome your fear of change (a weird personal story)

How to overcome your fear of changeWho hasn’t been stuck for days and days because what you needed to do was stirring some uncomfortable feelings?
As a highly sensitive person myself, one of the biggest obstacles I’ve encountered in my life and my career, is my own emotional distress.

I’ve never shared this publicly before, but in my previous career as a Building Engineer I had to deal with my own fear, ALL the time.

Part of my job, consisted of Continue reading

The 3 foundational elements you absolutely MUST have clarity about before launching your biz.

3 foundations Most heart-centered professionals take their first steps into entrepreneurship with a very incomplete vision of what they really need to build a business. No doubt they put a lot of love, time and effort to lauch it, but then they spend months struggling because nobody seems to want what they have to offer. Ouch!

The reason why this happens is because they lack a real clarity about the 3 foundational elements upon which every sustainable biz is built upon.

Yes, most probably than not, these caring, heart-centered professionals took the time to do a bit of soul-search: Continue reading

How to get unstuck with (almost) anything

get-it-done2When you run a biz based on your purpose, (by definition built upon your natural talents), most of the things you’ll have to do to run it smoothly, will be things you enjoy doing.

But from time to time, you’ll get stuck with things. No matter how good your intentions, some of those tasks will be a challenge to finish.

There are many reasons you might get stuck and unable to get things done: It can be just a lack of Continue reading

The spiritual lesson of choosing your niche

Are you resisting the idea of choosing a niche? There is a saying in coaching that goes like this: “What you resist, persists” Well, most coaches, healers and therapists are doing exactly that.

And guess what they are really doing by refusing to choose a niche? They are persisting in the difficulties of filling up their professional practices with the people that are in real need of their help.

And why do you think I care so deeply about this topic? Because it has been one of the hardest aspects to embrance for myself in my business.

There is a big misunderstanding of what your niche really is. And until you get rid of the confusion, you will remain invisible to the very same people you are meant to Continue reading

3 Quick tips for dealing with the emotional ups and downs of building a business

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emotional-roller-coasterBuilding a business has caused intense emotional roller coaster rides in my life. Who would have imagined that the solution I was envisioning for getting rid of my work problems would have this dark side? I had the idea that working for myself will be my ticket out of mobbing from bosses, lack of meaning in my job or feeling forced to Continue reading