The 3 foundational elements you absolutely MUST have clarity about before launching your biz.

3 foundations Most heart-centered professionals take their first steps into entrepreneurship with a very incomplete vision of what they really need to build a business. No doubt they put a lot of love, time and effort to lauch it, but then they spend months struggling because nobody seems to want what they have to offer. Ouch!

The reason why this happens is because they lack a real clarity about the 3 foundational elements upon which every sustainable biz is built upon.

Yes, most probably than not, these caring, heart-centered professionals took the time to do a bit of soul-search:

  • What am I meant to be doing?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What do I love enough to create a biz around it?

And it won’t be me, as important as I know living your purpose is, the one to disregard these questions. But the problem is that they are not enough since they don’t take into consideration the real reason why any business is meant to exist.

At it’s core, the purpose of your business is to help someone overcome a problem. If your business fails to do that, you don’t have a business. You might have a hobby, and a really meaningful one, but it will never have the capacity to bring in the income you need to sustain yourself and your family financially.

So what are these 3 essential elements you absolutely need to have clarity about in order to built a solid viable professional practice?

There are the 3 things:

  • Who are you meant to serve?
  • What are you menat to help them with?
  • How are you meant to help them?

Let’s take a closer look at each one of them:

1) Who are you meant to serve?
As I said before, the only purpose of any biz is to help a group of people solve a particular problem.

And if you’ve been playing with the idea that your services and products can help everyone, think again. Even if that was true, will you really be able to understand everyone? reach everyone? serve all of them?
But the good news is that there is a very specific group of people you are designed to help, based on your own life purpose and life experiences.

2) What are you meant to help them with?

Again, if you think you can help these people solve every single problem, you are setting yourself for trouble.

Instead of that, you need to know that the people you can best help grow and transform are struggling with a very specific problem that you really understand. Again, based in your life purpose and life lessons, you have acquired a valuable knowledge that makes you an insider to that problem.

And this has the added bonus of converting you in the expert on that specific topic. Exactly the right professional they will want to work with.

3) How are you meant to help them?
-“Oh, that’s easy to answer” -you might be thinking. -“I help them with tapping, or with reiki, or with coaching, etc”

Sorry to say this but that’s not true.

Coaching, of tapping, or reiki, or … whatever, is only one of the tools you use, maybe the more powerful you have, and that’s a big problem because:

First, I’m sure you have plenty other tools in your toolbox. So which one would you be known for? Difficult question to answer, right?

And second, there are thousands of other heart centered professionals trained on the very same tools and techniques that you are, so why would anyone choose you over other professionals? No. How you help them is not based on your tools, it’s based on your unique system of applying those tools.

Even if you think the way you work is too intuitive to fit into any model, deep down inside you have a very specific, step-by-step system of helping your clients. (I know it’s there, and this is one of the aspects of my work I enjoy most doing with my clients)

That is what I call your “Purposeful Path of Transformation.”
And it’s all yours.
And unique to you.
And one of the main reasons your ideal clients will be drawn to working with you.

Doesn’t is sound good?


Charo´s coaching Tip

I’ll help you take the first steps to gaining clarity about this 3 foundations elements. Please take all the time you need to answer the following questions, trying to be as sincere with yourself as you can (don’t worry, nobody will read your answers except you) 🙂

Step 1: Journal and explore these questions:

  • Who does your heart feel called to help?
  • What kind of problems do you feel compelled to help alliviate?
  • What kind of topics and subjects are you constantly reading and learning about?
  • What kind of problems have you overcome in your personal life?
  • Which are the 5 most important life lessons you’ve learned in your lifeltime?

Step 2: Make a list with all your answers,  looking for common themes, does anyone of them stand out more than the others?

Step 3: Do a reality check: Is there already enough people out there looking for help with those particular problems?

Step 4: What has been the most difficult part about doing this exercise? please, leave your comments below.

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