What if nobody wants what you have to offer?

que-hacerWith respect to your life purpose, what do you think it’s worse?
…having no idea about what your life purpose might be?
…being crystal clear about what it is but being unable to make it a reality? or
…putting all of your heart, time and energy into a purposeful project, only to watch it fail?

If I have to be sincere, in my opinion the third is the worst of all.

And I know, by some of the questions I’ve received lately, that some of the readers of my blog are struggling witht that problem.

Maybe because I’ve seen it more times that I would like, maybe because in many of my previous businesses I’ve struggled with it myself, but the truth is that starting a business, thinking that is something aligned with your purpose, and putting your time, love, hopes, dreams, effort, (and many times also money) to just find out that nobody wants to buy what you are offering is, well, it’s really painful.

And I think the biggest culprit of this situation is a very common saying that goes among most personal growth circles. I’ve seen it in books, again and again, I’ve heard it in teleseminars taught by “gurus” and I also believed it to be true in the past, only to discover it was a fat lie.

The saying goes like this: “Do what you love and money will follow”

Oh sure I understand why we want to believe it.
It’s tempting to think that, if we are doing what’s our purpose, it will guarantee somehow that everything will be fine, that our business will be a success, since “the Universe will make it flow” (even if you don’t do your part…) and that all those people who need what we do will show up as if by magic due to our positive energy.

It sounds like a perfect story, in a perfect world… of fantasy land. And I’m sorry to be the one bursting your bubble.
In fact, you know what? I’m not really sorry because, it makes me so sad to see someone pour all her heart into a project just to end up disappointed and heart broken when it fails!

So I’d rather help you avoid some disappointments, frustrations and the sadness that comes when you start a business that ends up amounting to nothing. And please don’t misunderstand me. It’s not that I don’t want you to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Au contrairer!

All I want for you is that the business you  finally choose to create has the highest probability of being a success while allowing you to make a living doing what you love.

And for that, you need to know the truth about the saying I mentioned above.
The reality goes like this: A + B = C, that is:

A) Do what you love
B) The part that nobody is telling you (and you will discover in a second)
Money will come.

And what’s the part that’s missing that nobody is talking about?:
Finding a problem in the world that you came to solve with your purpose.

So the saying that really shows how the process goes is this: “Do what you love, solve a problem for others (while doing what you love) and money will come”


Charo´s coaching Tip

  • Make a list of all the things you love to do, that you enjoy, that you find fulfilling and you feel you have a gift or natural talent for doing them.
  • Make a list of all the problems and needs that are out there in the world that you would love to help solve.
  • Imagine, create and identify in which ways you can help to solve that problem, using your gifts and natural talents while you do what you love.
  • Extra step: If you are finding it difficult choosing by yourself which one of those ideas could work better,  contact me. We’ll have a conversation to find out which is the best way I can help you move forward.Namaste


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      I’m glad you liked it. Once you try this info, please let me know how it went for you 🙂


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