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How to clear the fear of standing out

Are you afraid of talking about your work?
Well,… as solopreneurs we don’t have a choice.

We have to put ourselves out there, share our message and spread the word about our work.

And when you do, guess who else is also going to show up with you?
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How to overcome your fear of change (a weird personal story)

Who hasn’t been stuck for days and days because what you needed to do was stirring some uncomfortable feelings?
As a highly sensitive person myself, one of the biggest obstacles I’ve encountered in my life and my career, is my own emotional distress.

I’ve never shared this publicly before, but in my previous career as a Building Engineer I had to deal with my own fear, ALL the time.

Part of my job, consisted of Continue reading

Why pricing your offers is so difficult

corazon monedasSo you’ve been working hard crafting your offers. You’ve put together a valuable service or product that you know will help your ideal clients solve a problem.
And you are almost ready to offer that to the world, but, first, you still have to answer this question:

How much should I charge for this?

And that’s a question the will inevitably raise lots of fears, doubts, worries and can leave you with a knot in your stomach for several days.

Some people use an Outside-In approach to pricing. For example… Continue reading