How to clear the fear of standing out

Are you afraid of talking about your work?
Well,… as solopreneurs we don’t have a choice.

We have to put ourselves out there, share our message and spread the word about our work.

And when you do, guess who else is also going to show up with you?

Your fears.

Why is showing up so scary?

The Cavewoman in you -Oh, yes. We all have a hairy one living inside of us- knows it’s a dangerous world out there.

She learned the hard way that…

  • Standing Out is risky
  • Showing up is a threat to our survival, so…
  • You better blend in and be invisible.

How are these truths affecting your 21-century business?

Good question, right?

Before I show you how to turn your fears into your biggest allies, let’s do something fun.

I want to help you see how big your fear of standing out is by using one of my favorite tools: Graphology.

Are you afraid of criticism?

Please, pick up pen and paper (bear with me on this), and write longhand the following sentence:

“I am committed to making my dreams come true”

Got it?
Now, take a look at the upper part of the letters “d’s” and “t’s”. Are there any loops in the upper part of any of them? And if so, How big are they?

According to Bart Baggett, author of Succcess Secrets of the Rich and Happy, the bigger the loop the more sensitive you are to criticism. (I know first-hand cause mine were huge!)

Is that interesting or what?

So coming back to your Inner Cavewoman:
No matter how good her intentions are, she’s not doing you any good by keeping you stuck.

Thank her for keeping you alive all these years, and roll up your sleeves. We are going to shift those fears into fuel for your goals.

How to turn your fears into your biggest allies.

1) First, ask yourself these questions as honestly as you can (you’re the only one who’s going to see them, anyway).

  • What is the worst thing that can happen if I stand out?
  • How can I minimize the probability of that happening?
  • How can I protect myself and be ok even if that happens?

2) Reduce the intensity of your fears.
Once you’ve gathered the wisdom of your fears it’s time to reduce their intensity.
My favorite tool for this is EFT tapping but graphotherapy is also a useful way of rewiring your mind.

3) Increase your confidence
Once you have a clear, powerful message that conveys the value of your work, rehearse it as much as possible.
Make sure you show up as prepared as you can.

But those tips won’t do you any good if you still don’t have a clear message, if you still don’t know how to talk about what you do.

So I invite you to take my Discover Your Difference Assessment. It will reveal natural qualities in you that your clients find so valuable that should be part of your business message.

You can take the assessment for free by visiting:
Discover Your Difference Assesment

And now, please tell me, What other stuff is stopping you from standing out in your field?

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