How to overcome your fear of change (a weird personal story)

Who hasn’t been stuck for days and days because what you needed to do was stirring some uncomfortable feelings?
As a highly sensitive person myself, one of the biggest obstacles I’ve encountered in my life and my career, is my own emotional distress.

I’ve never shared this publicly before, but in my previous career as a Building Engineer I had to deal with my own fear, ALL the time.

Part of my job, consisted of climbing to high places, that I would never call stable, and verify that all the iron bars that went inside of the concrete were the right size and placed at the right position before the concrete was poured into the casts.

But the worst part of all was, with difference, was being the safety coordinator: I had to make sure all safety measures were put in the right place (even when I wasn’t personally there), and put back whenever someone removed them, so no one would get hurt or something worst, during the  construction process.

The situation was so stressful that even after I made my career change, I was still waking up in the middle of the night, with nightmares of an accident in the construction site.

(HSP alert: skip this paragraph if reading something negative could upset you. The truth is, a worker actually died in a construction site nearby. He was working for a different company and on my construction site everyone was safe, probably due to my obsessiveness, but it was a shock to all of us nevertheless)

Your unconscious mind helps you solve problems

And then one night I had a weird of dream.
In my dream, I could see 9 elephants pulling a weight from a deep cave. All at unison, lifting a heavy burden from the depths.

That morning I woke up with a very unfamiliar and profound feeling of inner peace.

I wondered what my dream could mean, so I asked myself:
-“What is it right now in my own life that resembles 9 strong animals pulling a huge weight from the depths of somewhere?
-What is it in my life right now that is causing me this kind of inner peace?”

And I immediatly remembered: The day before, I had been watching some videos online about a weird technique called EFT tapping. I used it in myself, following along and felt a level of calm that was unknown to me.

That was the meaning of my dream!
My unconscious was letting me know that EFT tapping had something transformative for me: 9 tapping points, pulling painful memories from the depths of my unconscious, to bring me a huge sense of inner peace.

And I’ve been hooked to it since that day.

An easy way of releasing fears and inner blocks

Now I use EFT tapping to move forward with my business. And I mean it literally cause I tap whenever I get stuck, until I get rid of every kind of inner resistance or fear you can imagine. And it has become one of my favorite tools to help my clients move forward, too.

An invitation to you: If you’ve never tried tapping I encourage you to give it a try. It can help you every time you feel stuck, frustrated or scared.

There are lots of free videos out there on every topic you can imagine. But I create a tapping audio every month, specially focused on clearing the fears around changing careers and doing what you love.

You can get your FREE access to the “Clear the Fear and Do What You Love” monthly audio by visiting:


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