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Don’t quit your job while you still hate it

Don’t quit your job while you still hate itHas your job ruined your Sunday nights? Yeah, with that feeling of dread you get about having to come back to work the next morning because quite frankly… you hate every minute of it.

If this is you, what I’m about to share is exactly what you need the most, (even though it won’t be easy to hear)

Don’t quit your job yet.
There is a bit of healing (and wisdom gathering) you need to do before you leave.

I know, I know. That is a tough one to swallow, but there is a good reason why I say so.
Let me explain. Continue reading

How to overcome your fear of change (a weird personal story)

Who hasn’t been stuck for days and days because what you needed to do was stirring some uncomfortable feelings?
As a highly sensitive person myself, one of the biggest obstacles I’ve encountered in my life and my career, is my own emotional distress.

I’ve never shared this publicly before, but in my previous career as a Building Engineer I had to deal with my own fear, ALL the time.

Part of my job, consisted of Continue reading

3 Quick tips for dealing with the emotional ups and downs of building a business

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emotional-roller-coasterBuilding a business has caused intense emotional roller coaster rides in my life. Who would have imagined that the solution I was envisioning for getting rid of my work problems would have this dark side? I had the idea that working for myself will be my ticket out of mobbing from bosses, lack of meaning in my job or feeling forced to Continue reading