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Do you need to re-write your message? (Getting noticed in difficult times)

Do you need to re-write your message? (Getting noticed in difficult times)

Before the pandemic made us change all of our habits, I used to meet with my friends in a nice cafe -one of the few places where I could find gluten-free cakes. 

I remember one day. Me, taking a sip of my green tea, and her sharing some story about her son, when suddenly I stopped hearing her voice in mid-sentence.

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On using stories to get people’s attention (ethically)

On using stories to get people’s attention

There is a lot of buzz about using stories in marketing.
Find your story, share your story and Voila! …

…people will pay attention to you.

But is that true?

What I know to be true is that we all love a good story.
And it’s also true that people won’t care about you -or your story- until they know you care about them.

Don’t you agree with this?
Let me prove it to you:

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George Kao interviews Charo about Personal Branding

Do you feel invisible and like no one is paying attention to your content?
In this video, Personal Branding Coach Charo Pinilla will show you how to get noticed by people who value your work, in a way that is authentic, in integrity and with heart.

In this interview, we discuss…
* Why it’s important to stand out and differentiate in today’s online world.
* How your personality type influences how you talk about your work
* Why people might be ignoring your content even if it’s in front of their eyes.
* 3 tips on how to make your content more attention-worthy, healing, and authentic.

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How to increase the visibility of your business (in a way that feels good)

How to increase the visibility of your biz

What do Harry Potter, H. G. Wells, and your business have in common?

Harry Potter had an invisibility cloak, H. G. Wells wrote a book about an invisible man, and we can feel invisible in our business after creating a ton of content that no one pays attention to.

The reason?

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How to clear the fear of standing out

Are you afraid of talking about your work?
Well,… as solopreneurs we don’t have a choice.

We have to put ourselves out there, share our message and spread the word about our work.

And when you do, guess who else is also going to show up with you?
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Stand out: How to create a conscious connection with your ideal clients

In this day and age when everything goes so fast, we’ve lost the capacity for attention.

Our emails are flooded, our Facebook feeds are non-stop, and not to mention the webinars we want to attend. Who has the time -and attention- for all that?

The same is going on for your potential clients.

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