How to get unstuck with (almost) anything

get-it-done2When you run a biz based on your purpose, (by definition built upon your natural talents), most of the things you’ll have to do to run it smoothly, will be things you enjoy doing.

But from time to time, you’ll get stuck with things. No matter how good your intentions, some of those tasks will be a challenge to finish.

There are many reasons you might get stuck and unable to get things done: It can be just a lack of knowledge, a piece of the work you’ve never done before, or you’ve come across unexpected steps on the process.

Some of my clients come to me because they don’t know how to create a product or a free gift for their website. They might have problems choosing the topic, organizing the content or giving it the right name… so they feel stuck.
But all those obstacles are the easiest to get rid of. I can easily teach them the know-how and they can get it done quickly. It was just a case of “not enough information”.

But there is totally different kind of block. It’s insiduous if you don’t know how to deal with it. And because it is much more difficult to spot it on your own, it can really stop you on your tracks for a long, long time.
I’m referring to emotional blocks.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel uncomfortable about doing something, it’s more difficult to get it done?

None of us likes feeling bad, so if handling a task makes us feel bad, we’ll try everything we can to avoid it. We will distract ourselves by doing something else: surfing the internet, eating something, cleaning your office (was it really so important to tidy your home office today?),  You get the idea: we’ll do whatever it is to avoid feeling those painful emotions inside of us.

The trigger can be either the task at hand  like: “I’ve never been good with numbers, how am I supposed to understand google analytics? It’s too boring!” or  it can be what we fear might happen  once the task is finished: “What if nobody reads my articles? What if everyone makes fun of me?”

Will power is a limited resource. And in these kind of situations, it will take you only so far. What you need to get those tasks done is to release your painful emotions, recover a sense of inner peace, and “Voilá! you’ll get back into your creative flow.

As Steven Pressfield, author of the book “The war of art” would say: “You are dealing with resistance here.”

So what can you do when, none amount of knowledge, or will power will move your project forward? This is when you take one of my favorite tools out of the box and start getting rid of those inner blocks.

I’m talking about tapping.

Tapping is a stress release technique that is known for calming down that part of the brain (the amigdala) that gets fired up and active whenever we are faced with a perceived danger.

And since you can feel Resistance in your body like a physical sensation (tightness, or constriction) or a painful emotion (fear, worry, anxiety), tapping is one of the easiest ways of getting rid of those negative emotions.

The downside of doing tapping is that, well…, I have to admit it looks a bit weird. You have to touch repeatedly a few accupunture points in your face and torso,
But before you discard it, (and if you really want to have a handy tool at your fingertips that will help you get unstuck everytime you need it), give it a try. You may end up so hooked with it as I am.


Charo´s coaching Tip

  • Think about a project you need to get done but don’t seem to be able to move forward with.
  • Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing it. Then imagine the project already done. which one of those things triggers you the most? choose that situation as your focus for the tapping.
  • Bring that situation to your mind again. Now pay attention to your body, both to your physical sensations and your emotions:

Is there any tension? where?
Is there any tightness? constriction?
What are you feeling? is there any fear, anxiety, worry?

  • Rate the intensity of those feelings and sensations on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is no feelings at all, and 10 is as high as it can be.
  • Jot down everything in a piece fo paper, and keep it as a reference point.
  • Now give this weird thing called tapping a try by repeating the sentences below while tapping the accupunture points.
    (You can see a graphic of the tapping points below)


Karate Chop point:
– Even though I’m stuck with this project, and I can’t seem to move forward with it, I admit that is my truth right now.

-Even though I’m so stuck it seems I will never get this project done, I admit that’s exactly what I feel at the moment.

– Even though I feel stuck with this project and that is so frustrating for me, I accept that is exactly what I feel.

First tapping round:
Eyebrow: I’m so stuck with this project…
Side of the eye: I don’t know how to get this done.
Under the eye: What if I do it and nobody likes it?
Under nose and chin: What if other people critizice me for this project?
Collarbone: I’ll rather be stuck than being rejected by those who don’t like my project.
Under the arm: I feel so stuck that it’s frustrating.
Top of the head: I wish I could feel better and get this project done.

Take a nice deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Second tapping round:
Eyebrow: I’m so nervous about making this project public.
Side of the eye: What if they judge me?
Under the eye: I can feel the tightness and tension in my body.
Under nose and chin: I’m so worried about what other people might thinkg about my project if I make it public…
Under the arm: I’m so worried that my mind doesn’t want to focus on this project.
Top of the head: No wonder I’m stuck with this.

Third round of tapping

Eyebrow: A part of me doesn’t want to do it.
Side of the eye: So my mind just wants to run away and do something else.
Under the eye: I’m so worried that after putting so much effort…
Under nose and chin: …nobody will be interested in my project.
Collarbone: A part of me feels safer if I don’t do it.
Top of the head: But wiser, stronger part of me knows how to get this project done, while keeping me safe.

Take a nice deep breath in through the nose and out through your mouth.

  • Go back to your body, How intense are those feelings of tension, fear, or whateer you were feeling now? are they as strong as before?

Repeat the sequences above until you feel better and the intensity of your fear goes at least below a 3 (better if you get to a zero, but it will probably be difficult to get there on your own.)

So keep tapping until you get rid of those uncomfortable fears. The next thing you’ll know is you are moving forward with your project, and getting the stuff done!.

And please leave your comments below, what were you able to achieve after doing the tapping?



6 thoughts on “How to get unstuck with (almost) anything

  1. Kate Gold

    Hi Charo, I did wonder why your website title included the word “tapping”! I use EFT quite a lot and will be using your suggested script above and will let you know how things go.

    Best wishes, Kate

    1. Charo Pinilla Post author

      Hi Kate, I’m glad the mystery has disappeared now 🙂
      Please let me know how this script worked for you.

  2. Lynsey


    I was in exactly this place when I came across your post. I have just tried it out going from an 8 to a 5, then 4, then 2 at which point I was rushing the tapping to go and get on with my project. The phrases within the sequence are incredibly powerful. I have done tapping before but usually use the same phrase all the way through. I found using these different phrases more beneficial.
    Thank you!

    1. Charo Pinilla Post author

      Wonderful, Lynsey! It’s amazing how much this little technique can do for our peace of mind, and heart 🙂

  3. Julia Barnickle

    This is a great technique, Charo. I do something similar – a bespoke technique that I was taught – and it’s also very effective. The success of these techniques seems to come from admitting to ourselves exactly what the problem is, rather than hiding from it. Very powerful indeed!

    1. Charo Pinilla Post author

      I totally agree with you Julia that a big part of these techniques working so well is in the acceptance of what is really going on inside of ourselves. And then the touching on the points also creates a biochemical change that neutralized the stress response.


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