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On running your business when life gets in the way

On running your business when life gets in the way

Having your own business is an exciting adventure: You’re following your schedule, you are posting your content, you’ll soon run a promotion for a workshop … and then,  something happens. Life gets in the way.

Because life is unpredictable.
And has the bad habit of not following our plans. 

So from time to time, all of us will have to keep up with our business while navigating the rough waters of life. 

Your goal?

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Why we need to communicate from our values (and how to do it)

Why we need to communicate from our values

At the time of writing this article (August 2019), more than four million one hundred and forty-seven blog posts are being published today, according to worldometers.

That can be a good thing.

It means you literally have information about every topic under the sun at your fingertips.

But as it’s always the case, this saturation of information also has a shadow side:

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Your Ideal Clients: A Neuroscience tip to connect authentically with your clients

Our minds are incredible problem-solving devices. From the million of things going on around us, they only pay attention to those that are relevant to us at the moment.

Have you ever bought a new car, only to see if everywhere afterwards? Or your best friend shares with you she’s pregnant and all of a sudden you notice every future mum wherever you go?

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