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On using stories to get people’s attention (ethically)

On using stories to get people’s attention

There is a lot of buzz about using stories in marketing.
Find your story, share your story and Voila! …

…people will pay attention to you.

But is that true?

What I know to be true is that we all love a good story.
And it’s also true that people won’t care about you -or your story- until they know you care about them.

Don’t you agree with this?
Let me prove it to you:

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How to create content that gets noticed by your ideal clients

To be or not to be…Noticed?

That seems to be the question we ask ourselves every time we share a piece of content online these days.

I’m sure you’ve heard it too:
-”If you want to be found online you need to publish articles, create podcasts, share videos… -experts say- and you’ll get found by those who need you”.

But is that what is really going on? 

Will your clients take the time to read, watch or listen to what you’ve created?
Will they even see it?

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Why we need to communicate from our values (and how to do it)

Why we need to communicate from our values

At the time of writing this article (August 2019), more than four million one hundred and forty-seven blog posts are being published today, according to worldometers.

That can be a good thing.

It means you literally have information about every topic under the sun at your fingertips.

But as it’s always the case, this saturation of information also has a shadow side:

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