Can we write copy with integrity and authenticity?

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Can we write copy with integrity and authenticity?

Words can hurt and words can heal.
And because words matter, many folk stories taught us exactly that.

Remember the story of Rumpelstiltskin?

Once upon a time, a greedy king asked a peasant girl to spin a bunch of straw into gold or he would kill her.

In her desperation, she accepted the help of a weird-looking, little man who would do the magic for her as long as she would give him her first-born baby.

Since this seemed like a faraway possibility the girl, in order to save her life, agreed.

Years when by. 

And the time came for her to fulfill her promise. 

Now as the queen of the kingdom -and as you can expect- she wasn’t willing to let the baby go.  So she bargained a new deal with the little man:

She would keep the child only if she guessed this little man’s real name.

After a few failed attempts -and a bit of help-  she finally said: “Rumpelstiltskin!”

And released herself and her child from the cruel deal.

The moral of the story?

Magic things can happen when you pronounce the right words.

And I wonder, have you ever wished you had the right words when you talk about your work?

Manipulative copy vs Resonant Copy.

You might be thinking that using the right words your ideal clients want to hear is a bit manipulative.

It’s not when done from a place of authenticity.

Let me ask you a question:

When you speak from your heart, are transparent about your ideas and say the things you truly believe in, are you been manipulative?

I don’t think so.

You are manipulative when you lie, when you say black when you mean white, just to make a profit. 

Your marketing copy can be authentic when you write from your values, your beliefs, and all that is mirrored in your words.

Authentic copy is about finding the resonance between who you are and the people you love to serve. It’s about speaking from shared values and a similar outlook about life and avoiding clients who don’t get you.

 There it is your resonant language.

And this is how you discover it:

Step 1: Get to know yourself:

To stay true to your natural style, you first need to know yourself.

  • What do you stand for?
  • What do you care about?
  • What can people count on you for?

Archetypes will help you figure that out. (I’ve written a lot about archetypes in other articles. You can read them here) .

For example, do you see life as a party where you get to enjoy yourself? Then the Jester archetype could be active in you.

Or is life more like a struggle in which you have to fight to win? It would be a sign that the Warrior archetype is leading your life.

Do you trust everything will be alright as the Idealist archetype will believe? Or…

Do you think that nobody is coming to save you? In that case, the Everyperson is influencing your point of view.

The more conscious you are about your personal style, as described by your archetypes, the easier it will be for you to speak from your authentic voice. 

Step 2: Speak from your Archetypes.

Now that you know who you are and what you stand for, go put those qualities in your marketing communications.

Show up as you truly are.

Writing your articles and content from that place will give you a huge sense of integrity and authenticity. And sharing your message will feel great to your heart.

If you haven’t taken my What Makes You Different quiz, I encourage you to take it now: It will give you a lot of clarity about who you are and who you like to work with. I will also send you a 6-page pdf about your primary archetype.

Once you find out please let me know, which is your primary Archetype?

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