Brand Alignment Q&A: Are my clients exactly like me?


After attending one of my Stand Out by Being You workshops, a participant sent me this comment:
“I believe I do my best work with clients who are not at all like me. But when you talked about archetypes in your course, I understood you said that our best clients are those who are like us.”

This article is my answer to the question: Are my clients exactly like me?

The two ways in which you bring value to your clients.

When you are in business, there are two things you need to understand about yourself. You need to look at yourself through the lens of your personality and through the lens of your Soul’s path.

The first one talks about your talents, your strengths, how you are naturally wired. How you prefer to do things. It’s basically coded in your DNA.The two ways in which you bring value to your clients

Things like: Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you more of a logical analytical type? or do you make decisions in a more emotional way? Do you focus on what’s here and now? or do you focus more on the possibilities for the future?

This is the personality lens and shows your preferred way of functioning in the world, and in your business.

The other talks about the path you are here to walk. The type of mindset you have about life, your needs, deepest values, what you care about, what moves you forward. This lens also helps you identify your challenges and the pitfalls that can keep you stuck in a rut.

This is the Archetypal lens and shows the path your soul is calling you to walk.

Personality types vs Archetypes

Both things as important, both add to the value you create for your clients. In other words, you live your archetype from your particular type of personality and both influence the way you do business.

The weird thing is, we do this without even noticing it…until someone points it to us.

One example will make this clear.

Say the Explorer Archetype is active in you.
(Take my assessment here to discover your most active archetype).

You can walk the path of the Explorer archetype while being an introvert. Or you can walk the path of the Explorer as an extrovert.

Either way, you have a curiosity about life, a need to seek out answers, a longing to discover new things, and the sense that better things await you somewhere else.

Standout ExplorerThe Extrovert Explorer will find fulfillment seeking in the outside world. Traveling, hiking, going to different places…All those activities will fill up your Explorer’s soul.

On the contrary, The Introvert Explorer will feel the need to seek inside of herself, go into the depths of her soul, engage in shamanic journeying, or dreamwork or getting involved in a research project that awakes her need to find out.

Both have the Explorer active, both share the need to seek and find, but the focus of their explorations are radically different.

Why would clients want to work with you?

Most people are aware that your personality type influences how you run your business. From how you create the best results for your clients to how you prefer to deliver your content.

Standout IdealistBut almost no one knows that your archetypes also help you embody certain qualities that your ideal clients find really valuable.

Your Archetypes help you develop some qualities and a specific way of looking at things. And these influence how you do things in business.

Let’s say you have the Idealist Archetype as your guide. That means you value simplicity.
You will no doubt create products and services that are easy to use. You will simplify things that others tend to overcomplicate.

So back to the question I got from the workshop participant:
Is your client like you? As in, following the example: Does your client have the Idealist archetype active in her?

Maybe or maybe not.
But she definitely values the qualities you bring, like simplicity if you have the Idealist.

They can resonate with the archetype you bring.
Following the example, they feel attracted to the Idealist because they are Idealists themselves, and the point of connection is those shared values. Or they have some strong need for the qualities that your Idealist archetypes helped you develop, no matter which archetypes your clients have.

If you still haven’t done it, I encourage you to take my assessment: What Makes You Different? To discover which is your most active archetype. And make sure you request the pdf with your results, in which I share a lot of information about the gifts that make you valuable to your ideal clients.

So, please tell me, Which Archetype is helping create value in your business?
Let’s keep the conversation below.

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