A heart-centered way to stand out in your field (a Jungian perspective)

A heart-centered way to stand out in your field (a Jungian perspective)

I don’t know if more than ever before, but this world needs healing.

So if you do some kind of transformational work, know that your help is necessary.


We are undergoing a huge transformation, as societies and as people.

The world is being polarized in dangerous ways:
– Conflicts of all kinds are on the rise. 
– The natural world is been destroyed at an unprecedented speed (read the Amazon forests).
– Financial struggles are causing a lot of anxiety, too.

In archetype speak, the Destroyer is very active.
But we need to channel the Destroyer’s power and energy into constructive avenues.

Because as it’s true of every archetype, the Destroyer has a shadow side.

In order to prevent the destruction of our world just for the sake of it, we need to balance this archetype with Caregiver and Creator energies. (Exactly the type of energy you bring into this world!)

And yet, before you can do your thing…

Your work has to be seen by those who need it.

However, the information overload we are exposed to every day, is making us more distracted than ever.

The result?

Being found by those who need our help is more difficult than ever before. 

We are creating content that almost no one pays attention to.

That’s why I believe we need to make our work stand out, with integrity and authenticity.

But how do you make your content more noticeable without the hype, nor the fear-based tactics? 

It’s about serving higher-purpose needs and creating more depth in our communications. 

Conventional Marketing vs Soul-Resonant Communications: 

Being of service to others is key to finding meaning and purpose in life.

There is a wiser part in all of us.  It’s not our ego, nor our rational self. It’s a deeper aspect of who we are that knows everything about us. Carl Jung called it the Self with capital S.

The Self is constantly inspiring us to grow, and become whole.
And it’s speaking to us through dreams, synchronicities and intuitions.

You have a Higher Self, I have a Higher Self and each one of your clients has a Higher Self.

You can communicate with that deep aspect of your clients by using soul resonant language, And by doing so, your ideal clients will sense intuitively that you understand them and have a solution to their problems. 

When you communicate from this place of respect and soul resonance, your ideal clients will pay attention to your work.

Not everybody, just the right people. those who resonate with your message, those who need your services exactly in the way you offer them.

Maybe this is the first time you hear about the concept of the Self. That’s ok. It’s one of the pillars of Depth Psychology and one of the biggest discoveries that Carl Jung made about who we are as human beings.

So to summarize it, this is my approach to standing out in today’s saturated marketplace:

Lead with integrity and authenticity. Serve a higher purpose, show up in a way that feels good to your heart, and you’ll get noticed by those who care about your work.

Now it’s your turn:

How clear are you about your ideal clients’ higher purpose? And about yours? 

If you don’t know how to figure that out, don’t worry. I’ll talk about that very soon.

To your Purpose, Prosperity, and Inner Peace.