How to increase the visibility of your business (in a way that feels good)

How to increase the visibility of your biz

What do Harry Potter, H. G. Wells, and your business have in common?

Harry Potter had an invisibility cloak, H. G. Wells wrote a book about an invisible man, and we can feel invisible in our business after creating a ton of content that no one pays attention to.

The reason?

It’s not necessary to be under an invisibility spell, nor to have swallowed a few drops of an invisibility concoction.

It’s just that with so much content published online every single day, our minds have learned to ignore most of what we see, just to keep our sanity.

So much so, that scrolling through the feed seems to be the favorite pastime of the s XXI.

The solution? It’s three-fold:

1) Show up regularly.

We are creatures of habit. People will come to expect your content in their feeds at the same time, in the same place, every single time.

This is why posting regularly it’s so helpful.

I’m the first to admit that I’m not very good at this one. And I’m still figuring out what my sustainable rhythm of content creation is, as George Kao calls it.

But no amount of regular posting will break the invisibility spell you’re under, unless you…

2) Make your content interesting

But interesting from the perspective of your ideal clients, not only yours.

Seriously. Think about it. 

Why would anyone read -or watch- your content?

It’s not because you took the time to create it.

And definitely, it’s not because you love to write or speak.

It’s because you share information that they want to have.

They either have a question and are searching for the answer, or they have a problem that they’re trying to solve…

If you’re talking about that, and they come across your piece of content, they will stop scrolling and take a closer look.

Now that they stopped to take a look, the question is:

Will they read it?

Or will they just scan through it and leave? 

And that’s why you also need to…

3) Dare to be Different.

You are unique and different from everybody else. Even from those who do the very same thing that you do. 

Understand why you are different and share it openly with the world.

See how I’ve done it at the beginning of this article?

Who else can talk about magic spells, invisibility potions in an article about branding but a Syfy geek like me? 🙂

You get the point.

So look inside you, what can you bring to the mix that no one else can?

Ideas Into Action

To help you brainstorm some ideas, here are a few of the things that make you unique in your field:

  • Create your proprietary signature solution (one of my favorite ways of becoming unique and different), or,
  • Blend a few topics and passions that you have, or, 
  • Look at your past roles, things you’ve done before the work you do now.

Now I have a question for you.

I’m thinking of doing a workshop on how to differentiate for others in your field. Would it be of interest to you?