Your Ideal clients: Understand who your ideal clients are

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Figuring out who your ideal clients are: what their biggest challenges, dreams, needs and wants are, is one of the most difficult things you will ever do in your business.
It’s difficult, but it’s also a key factor in business success.

You need to be clear enough about who you help as soon as possible, because you won’t be able to attract clients to your practice if you don’t. Period.

  • How will you know where they gather?
  • How will you know what topics to write about that are of interest to them?
  • How will you know where to share you content?

Without knowing who you serve, trying to connect with them is very hard because…

It’s all guesswork!

So you end up putting a lot of effort for very little results, by doing the kind of work you like the least, a.k.a.= marketing.

But how do you gain a deep understanding of your ideal clients?
It seems that you can only know that for sure once you’ve worked with a lot of people, but what if you can’t reach them in the first place? It sounds like a catch 22 situation to me.

That’s when one of my favorite self-discovery tools comes handy.

Introducing you to the Archetype Allies:

I love working with archetypes. They have helped me understand myself and others at a deep level.

And my brain seems to have a knack for spotting them.

Archetypes are a framework based on Carl Jung’s theories, and further developed by Carol S. Pearson in her book: “Awakening the hero within”.

Archetypes are roles we play in life. They reflect our perspective and point of view, our values, our strengths, our life story, and even the obstacles we tend to encounter in life.

Have you ever heard the saying: “When you are a hammer you only see nails”? it reflects how a point of view works.

There are twelve main archetypes. They reflect all posible perspectives about life. And you have a relationship with all of them, but at varying degrees. Some will resonate with you a lot, some won’t. (which means you will openly dislike them).

There is at least one -your primary Archetype- that plays the most important role in your life right now, acting as a lens through which you’ll interpret your life. And there is a secondary that plays a supportive role, also influencing your behavior. I call those your Archetype Allies.

For example:
When you have the Innocent archetype active in your psyche, you’ll trust that the Universe is a benevolent force and that someone will always come to help you if you’re in trouble.

On the contrary, if the archetype most active in your life is the Regular Person, you’ll have the deeply rooted belief that nobody is coming to save you, and you’ll do all you can to solve your own problems.

The 12 primary archetypes

Even though there are as many archetypes as life circumstances according to Jung; in my experience all of them fit into one of these twelve main archetypes:

Innocent /Idealist
Sage/ Wise one
Explorer /Seeker
Maverick/ Rebel
Alchemist/ Magician
Warrior / Hero
Passionate /Lover
Jester/ Entertainer
Regular Person/ Orphan
Caregiver/ Nurturer
Leader/ Ruler
Artist/ Creator

You get to choose your ideal clients

Let me ask you something: Who would you love to work with?

In your business, knowing your Archetype Allies will inform you about the type of client you enjoy working with the most. It will also show you the type of client you can not stand (let’s be honest here, we’ve all had clients we were eager to stop working with).

But the most obvious benefit of knowing both your archetypes and that of your clients is that you will be able to speak a language that resonates deeply with them.

Interesting, huh?
I told you I loved working with archetypes.

How to create your marketing copy with authenticity and integrity.

All that sounds great, but you might be thinking that using the words your ideal clients want to hear is a bit manipulative.

It’s not when done from a place of authenticity.

When you speak from your heart, are transparent about your ideas and say the things you truly believe in, are you been manipulative?
I don’t think so.

You are manipulative when you are lying, when you say black when you mean white, just to make a profit. That is not what the work with archetypes is all about.

It’s about finding the right fit between who you are and the people you love to serve. It’s about shared values and a similar outlook about life, and avoiding clients who don’t get you.

This is how you do it:

Step 1: Get to know yourself:

Do you see life as a party where you get to enjoy yourself?
Or is it more a struggle where you have to fight to win?
Do you trust everything will be alright?
or do you know that nobody is coming to save you?

Find out which Archetype Allies are active in your life right now.
If you some help with that go take my “What makes you differentl?” Quiz. You can take it for FREE by vising this link:

Step 2: Speak from your Primary Archetype.

Now that you know who you are and what you stand for, go put those qualities in your marketing communications.

Show up as you truly are.
Writing your articles and content from that place will give you a huge sense of integrity and authenticity. And sharing your message will feel great to your heart.

If you haven’t done it yet, please go and take my quiz now: It will give you a lot of clarity about who you are and who you like to work with. I will also send you an 8-page pdf about your primary archetype.

I would love to know, which is your primary Archetype Ally?
(And just in case you are wondering, mine are Explorer and Sage!).





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