Intuition in Business: How I use dreams to guide me on my business

How I use dreams to guide me on my business

Dreams can be a source of guidance, both in life and in business.

I’ve always been curious about dreams. Partly because I’ve had them since I can remember, and partly because dreams helped me cope with a difficult time in my teenage years.

Since then I’ve discovered that dreams come from a deep source of wisdom within us Jung called the Self, an aspect of ourselves that wants the best for us, and is constantly encouraging us to become all that we can be.

Interestingly enough, dreams can also help us in business.

Dreams are a source of guidance.

This Higher Self is the architect of dreams. So listening to our dreams is one of the best ways I know of receiving guidance from our intuition.

Over the years, I’ve learned to remember, interpret, and trust them.

Not just with my personal life, but also with my business.

Let me share an example with you.

Several years ago, I was invited to participate in a business group. Everything looked inspiring, and like a great networking opportunity. So even though, the membership fee was a bit of a stretch, I decided to join.

On that night, I had this dream:

“I am inside a house, facing the windows. When suddenly I see some aliens clinging to the windows. They are trying to open the panes and get into the house. Suddenly I hear this voice as coming from nowhere, that says: You’re not ready to join.” 

The next day, I was writing down this dream when something clicked, as it usually does when you get the meaning of a dream.

“-Oh my!- I thought- this dream is about the group I’m joining.”

Needless to say that I changed my decision about joining.

Did I miss something by not joining?

I don’t know.

Maybe our values were too different, -hence, the symbol of the aliens- or maybe it was something else. 

But I know that following my inner guidance felt the right thing to do.

It kept me searching for my people, which years later I’ve found. 

How to remember your dreams.

If you’re willing to give this a try, get into the habit of jotting down your dreams right after awakening in the morning -otherwise they’ll fade away.

Write down whatever it is you can remember: a glimpse of a place, a face, a feeling, it doesn’t really matter. Just write it down.

Your Unconscious will notice that you are paying attention to your dreams, and will send you clearer ones the next time.

How to receive guidance from your dreams.

Marie Louise von Franz, who analyzed thousands of dreams in her practice, said that dreams will give you feedback on your daily actions.

So if you want to receive feedback about a decision, think of it right before going to sleep. Make sure to keep your journal next to your bed.

You can be intentional about it by writing down in your Dream Journal: “I wonder what my Higher Self thinks about this choice”.

Then go to sleep.

On the next morning, write down your dreams. -I tend to get more than one!

At times, the answer will be as clear as the “You are not ready to join” that I heard in my dream. But other times you’ll have to interpret the dream.

If so, then notice how the symbols of the dream relate to your decision. 

What do they remind you of?

It’s true that it may take a bit of time until you understand your dreams on your own.

And it’s so much easier to do it with someone else.

That’s why many tribes gathered in the morning to share and interpret their dreams. 

And that’s why I’ve been thinking of creating a Dreamwork group for women in transformational careers: Healers, holistic practitioners, coaches, etc.

Would you be interested in something like that?

Please, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Keep on dreaming!