Top 5 Personality Tests Series: (Part 1) Multiple Intelligences

best-personality-testsIn my last article, I shared with you what I consider to be the most useful personality tests.
I’ve found them and used them all myself in my quest for purpose.

I believe that understanding yourself (and others) is a must if you’re serious about creating a fulfilling career and life.

Because it’s impossible to choose a path in alignment with your authentic self when you have no idea who you truly are, right?

Today starts a series of articles where I’ll go a bit deeper into my top 5 personality test, You’ll find the pros and cons of them and why I like them so much.

Personality Test #5: Multiple Intelligences personality test.

multiple intelligences pinterestFor many years, the common belief was that either you were intelligent or you weren’t. The IQ number was the measuring stick: if you scored high on your IQ test you belonged to the smart community, but if you scored low, there was no hope for you.

Fortunately, we know better now!

So if the concept of the IQ feels terrible to you as it does to me (just an ego device) I’ve got good news for you because…

Intelligence is a much broader thing!

Howard Gardner a Harvard University professor developed the theory of the multiple intelligences. He sustains that there is not just one kind of intelligence but many, and each one of us has developed one or more.

So the question is not if you are intelligent, the real question is:
-What type of intelligence have you developed the most?

Or in order words: What’s your specific kind of genius?

inteligencia-musicalThe different types of intelligences that Howard Garner identified are:
Musical, linguistic-verbal, bodily-kinestetic, visual-spacial, logical-mathematical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic.

You can have a high level of development in one of those kinds of intelligences: You can have a well developed musical intelligence, or linguistic intelligence or kinesthetic intelligence, etc., and most probably you have a combination of them.

I like this tool because it’s so readily usable and easy to understand.
Once you’ve recognized your most developed type of intelligence it’s difficult to believe you ignored that natural talent before!

Besides it’s a wonderful confidence builder.

In the next weeks, I’ll continue my exploration of the personality tests I like the most.
But for now I’d really love to know about youin the comments below:
-Have you ever taken any personaltiy test?
-Did you find it useful?

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