How to take a break from your career frustration

career-frustrationWhen you are desperate and in pain, you’re not in your most resourceful state. You’ll just try to stop feeling so bad, as quickly as possible, and won’t be able to see all the possibilities that lay in front of you.

Any career decision you make in a state like that, will probably also be one that you’ll later regret.

That’s why you need to detach from your career problem as much as possible, and create a better feeling for yourself.

One important lesson I learned from my own career change

As much as I tried to find a way out of my situation back then, I just couldn’t see it. It wasn’t until I took some time off to recharge that the fog started to lift from my brain, and my heart filled with hopes that there was something new and better in the future waiting for me to create it.

I made the mistake to search for the way out when I was so tired that I had difficulty staying awake at dinner time. I couldn’t think straight, and nevetheless, I was forcing myself to come up with a solution that was totally out of my reach.

career-change-lesson-2I learned the hard way that it’s very important to add some kind of self care routine even on those times when we less want to do it, funny enough, it’s when we need it the most.

How can you get a break from your career frustration?

Step 1: Distract yourself from your current problems.

By focusing on other areas of your life that are fulfilling, you’ll realize that work, no matter how important it might be, it’s only a part of your life.
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Step 2: Nurture your heart.

What’s the best wthe-things-we-loveday for you to have fun?
Maybe for you it’s music, or dancing, or reading a good book.

Spend time with friends and people who love you, watch a silly movie and allow yourself to have a good belly laugh.

Engage in those activities, because they’ll help you unplug from your problem even for small periods of time. And that’s exactly what you need to recharge your energies, so you become more resourceful and creative about your next career decision.

Step 3: Use helpful tools.

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