What a snowstorm taught me about the power of storytelling (for a business)

Storytelling lessons from a Snow Storm

50 years. We’ve never seen anything like this in 50 years. One has to go back to 1971 to find any records of a snowfall like this one. And still, it didn’t create half of the chaos this one has.

So I’m stuck at home again.

For almost 48 hours, one of the biggest blizzards in history hit Central Spain: leaving not just the city of Madrid but the whole state, with a 2-feet, crispy cold layer of snow. And paralyzed it completely for days.

We’re not used to this. We’re the country of the sun, of the social life outdoors, the country of going out for “tapas”. We know how to deal with the sun, with the heat…but snow like this? Nope.

In Madrid, we barely see snow once a year and it melts so fast you can’t almost take a selfie with it in the background.

Not this time.

On Sunday morning, the beauty of the snow was so stunning, that I dusted off my walking sticks and dared to go for a walk.

The familiar landscape was almost unrecognizable. I joked to my husband that the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” was shot here in our neighborhood (I’m a sci-fi geek, you know)

Could this be a hint of climate change? Probably, and it’s not what I want to share with you today, but the many stories that have touched my heart.

Unknown heroes to the rescue

Several stories caught my attention.

Like the impatient baby girl, who decided to come into this world inside her family’s car, one of the hundreds that stayed stuck in the middle of the frozen highway.

Or the elderly woman who broke her hip and for two days nobody knew about it. Until her neighbors found out, cleared the street shovel in hand, and the rescue squad could drive in and take her to the hospital.

And the group of 4 x 4 car fans who organized themselves to deliver medicines and food into people’s homes, or give nurses and doctors a ride to their hospitals when no other transportation was available.

I don’t know if I will remember the freezing cold of these days in my bones, but the one thing I will remember is the stories.

How can stories help your business?

Well, if you want to be memorable you need to share stories, in your articles, in your videos, in your talks…

My mentor Tad Hargrave, from Marketing for Hippies, says that stories “must be one of the most ancient and comforting of all human Past Times“.

And there is a good reason for it.
Because we’re wired for stories

So if you want to be remembered, share a bunch of stories.

There are many hidden stories connected to your business

The story of why you came to do the work you do, the stories of how your clients turned their life around with your help, your own story of transformation… all those are great stories to share in your marketing.

They will help you connect with the right audience. People will remember those stories. Like this one of mine:

A few months after leaving my career as an architect, I started to fall into a mild depression. So just to lift my spirits, I gave myself permission to do something outrageous: Teach numerology workshops.

In my workshops, I started noticing a pattern: people would always pay more attention, and feel more connected to me, while I was sharing my personal story of how the stress of my work as an architect, led me to develop an autoimmune illness.

After the workshop, people would reach out to me just to tell me how much that story had meant to them. It became a point of connection, a recognition of a shared path.

And it had another side effect. They would then say “-Oh by the way, could you do my numerology chart?”, which was the blood of my business back then.

Now it’s your turn:

What stories could you be sharing today?
I’m looking forward to reading yours.

To your purpose, prosperity, and inner peace