Brand Alignment: How to add depth and meaning to your brand

I’m sure you’ve noticed it, too. We’re exposed to so much information that we pay less and less attention to any of it.

Our brains, in order to cope with this information overload, have learned to shut down and filter everything that is irrelevant to us.

So almost everything is ignored.

The same is true for your clients, by the way. They scroll through their feeds, ignoring most of what they see and hear.

And that’s a huge problem for those of us in business, because…

…How can we get people to notice our brands?

Your Brand Needs to Stand Out

It’s no longer enough to create content and put it out there. Now your content also needs to stand out among this vast sea of noise.

Old business thinking would use manipulation tactics to get noticed at any price: fear based subject lines, shocking news, misleading titles…

But is that the only way to get your clients’ attention?

A big, resounding No!

You can stand out with heart and integrity, as long as you are willing to understand yourself and your clients better than you ever thought possible.

And this is how you do it:

Go deep and add more meaning to your message by speaking the language of your clients’ souls.

How to Speak the Language of Soul

According to Carl Jung, one of the pioneers of Depth Psychology, archetypes are the language of the soul.

-“But what are archetypes?”-you might be thinking.

Archetypes are instinctive roles we play in life. Most of the time, we don’t even know we are doing it. And it isn’t until we take some test like my Discover Your Difference Assessment or come across archetypes in some other way, that we become conscious of them.

In his book Brand esSense Neil Gains says about archetypes that they “reflect fundamental human aspirations for finding meaning in the world”.

So if you infuse your brand with the language of archetypes, your ideal clients will feel a deep connection with your work.  They will get your message. And even if they are not totally aware of it, something deep inside will resonate with them.

How to Build your Brand with the Help of Archetypes

Your brand needs to be an accurate reflection of who you truly are, the type of service you provide and who your clients are called to become.

1) I encourage you to get familiar with the twelve archetypes.
Observe yourself and notice which ones resonate the most with who you truly are right now.

(Just as a side note: Different archetypes get activated in your psyche at different stages of your life’s journey, so it’s useful to take the assessment at least once every year, and always after big shifts occur in your life.)

2) Use archetypes to gain a deeper understanding of your clients’ journey.
Think of your favorite clients and answer these questions:

-Who are they called to become?
-What’s the role you are meant to play in their transformation?

And finally,

3) Speak from the depths of your soul.
Identify the archetypal identity of your business, the combination of archetypes that align with who you are, the results you provide and your ideal clients’ aspirations.

Learn to speak their language, and from this authentic place, craft your message.

That’s how you’ll stand out among the noise, and how you will connect with your clients on a Soul level.

And now I’d love to know more about you. The Archetypal Identity of my business is, just in case you are curious, is mostly Explorer, with a bit of Nurturer and Alchemist.  Which are the resonant archetypes of your business right now?
Please let me know, you can leave your comments below.

Brain image by sbtlneet

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