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On why your business is not just about you

I got into business because I wanted to do something I cared about.

Besides that, I had been reading books on living your purpose which made me realized I wasn’t living mine.

So when I hit bottom, tired of having to hide part of who I was, I took the leap to follow my passion.

Maybe you resonate with that too.

Looking at it in hindsight, it all sounds a bit selfish now, don’t you think?

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Brand Alignment: How to add depth and meaning to your brand

I’m sure you’ve noticed it, too. We’re exposed to so much information that we pay less and less attention to any of it.

Our brains, in order to cope with this information overload, have learned to shut down and filter everything that is irrelevant to us.

So almost everything is ignored.

The same is true for your clients, by the way. They scroll through their feeds, ignoring most of what they see and hear.

And that’s a huge problem for those of us in business, because…

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Stand out: How to create a conscious connection with your ideal clients

In this day and age when everything goes so fast, we’ve lost the capacity for attention.

Our emails are flooded, our Facebook feeds are non-stop, and not to mention the webinars we want to attend. Who has the time -and attention- for all that?

The same is going on for your potential clients.

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What makes you special and unique in the eyes of your ideal clients?

what-makes-you-unique There are many, many coaches, healers, therapists and other conscious professionals doing exactly the same things that you do (or want to do).

That’s one of the realities of running a business is today.

Maybe you have never openly asked the question: “Why would anyone choose to work with me?”, but the tightness you feel in the pit of your stomach whenever you see the so called “competition” out there, is a clear sign that this question is very present in your mind.

So it’s very important to stand out and be different from others, right?

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