Should I start a biz doing what I love or giving people what they want instead?

There isn’t just one answer to this question, but there is only ONE right answer for you. In this article I’ll help you find out which one of them is right for you.
I don’t know if you are familiar with personality differences. The swiss psychologist Carl Jung discovered that not everyone makes decisions in the same manner.: Some of us, when confronted with options, will choose based on what logic tells them is the right thing, while others will choose according to what feels right, no matter how ilogical it might seem.
People who use logic and analysis to make decisions are called Thinkers. They are the Rationals among us.
People who use inner values as the measuring stick, are called Feelers, they are the Sensitive amog us
And please don’t be tempted to believe that Thinkers don’t have feelings or Feelers don’t have logic, cause you’d be absolutely wrong. Above all, we are all human, and humans both have feelings and the ability to think rationally.
The main difference I’m describing here is which your focus is when you need to make a decision.
Thinkers will follow a logical approach, find the sequencial steps and consequences of their actions, and analyze if, by following that course of action, they will get the kind of result they are looking for.
They are able to do what needs to be done, even if feels bad, difficult or annoys someone else.
Let me use a little example here: administering a vaccine to a sobbing child.
Thinkers will be able to administer a vaccine cause they know it’s what needs to be done to keep the child healthy, no matter how much you see the children sobbing. And they’ll do it quickly and efficently, without any hussle.
Feelers, on the contrary, will have a harder time sticking the needle in the arm of the child. They will probably be feeling the pain of the child in the pit of their own stomach. And before sticking the needle to the child’s arm, they’d try to sooth him or distract him with a candy.
Lets see how we can apply that knowledge to a biz.
If you are a Thinker, and you spot a good opportunity for a business, even if you are not particularly itnerested in the topic, you might follow that path and build a very succesfull biz doing that. For example, you could create a travel agency even if you are not particularly itnerested in travel. You have seen a need and you are willing to fulfill it in the best possible way.
If you are a Feeler, and you spotted the same biz opportunity, you better be sure you have a bit of passion for that topic, or put your values into the project or you’ll run out of enough energy to make the biz take off.
So lets look at the question again: “Should I start a biz doing what I love or giving people what they want instead?”
And your personalized answer is this:  if you are a thinker and find a potentially profitable biz idea, Go for it!On the contrary, if you are a feeler, you don’t have a choice. You absolutely need both: either you feel some passion about the topic, either because it involves doing something you love, or because it will solve a problem you are particularly touched by, or you will lack the strenght and motivations to make the business work at all.
Now, please share with me on the comments below. Which kind of personality style do you have? are you a feeler or a thinker? I’ll start by sharing mine: I am a feeler (you probably had already guessed that, right?) 🙂
Charo X

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