Stand Out by Being You Workshop

Create a marketing message that attracts your ideal clients while being authentic to who you are.

During this live workshop, you will create an engaging marketing message that makes you stand out in your field and differentiates you from the competition, all while being your authentic self.

You will learn how to apply Archetypes, a psychology-based framework that is the secret tool that big companies use to design engaging brands.

By using Archetypes, you will be able to discover what makes you unique, who your ideal clients are, what it is they find valuable in your work, and how to share your message with integrity.

Finally, you’ll apply this knowledge to craft your marketing message. You’ll understand how to infuse your brand personality in all your marketing communications in a way that reflects who you truly are and also connects with your ideal clients at a deep level.

By attending this workshop you will…

  • Discover what distinguishes you from others in your field.
  • Understand your clients’ needs, frustrations, and motivations.
  • Make your marketing communications more meaningful, engaging and authentic.
  • Find out what makes you truly unique and valuable to your ideal clients.

Next workshop will be held in Feb 2020. If you want to be notified, please let me know here.