Your message: 3 Brain-based facts that will help you craft a more memorable message

3 Brain based facts that will help you craft a more memorable message
3 Brain based facts that will help you craft a more memorable message

We carry within us the wisdom gathered by our ancestors. From the very beginning of our species, two million years ago, all the lessons on how to survive and thrive go stored in us.

It’s fascinating to discover we still carry that information in our DNA and our brain…

But what’s more interesting to me is to know that those hard-won lessons are still influencing our behavior today: from how we make decisions to what we pay attention to.

And for that very same reason, it’s also key to your business.

Why? you might be asking.

Because understanding how the mind works will improve the quality of your communications. So any message you create, be that articles, videos, webinars or your elevator speech, will be easily be understood by those who need your help.

Brain-Based Fact #1:

The Mind pays attention to what is different.

Without you even noticing it, your mind is constantly scanning the environment to make sure you are safe. anything that different will catch its attention. Think of the red poppy in a green field or the high pitch voice that stands out in the background noise. They wake you up a bit, make you take a look, and then you continue minding your business.

How does this apply to your business?

Figure out what’s different in the way you do what you do, and make sure to communicate it consistently every time you share your message and brand.

Brain-Based Fact #2

You don’t have one mind but two.

One of the most revolutionary discoveries of depth psychologists like Jung was that the mind is made of two different components:

The conscious mind, made out of all the things you know about yourself when you are awake; and the unconscious mind, the source of dreams, instincts, survival drives and intuition, among many other things.

How to put this idea into action:

If you want to be noticed in today’s crowded marketplace, make sure you speak to both aspects of your clients’ minds, because both are truly listening.

Brain-Based Fact #3

Our mental energy is a limited resource.

And because of that, your mind will try to save as much energy as possible by functioning in the most efficient way.

This means tuning out when things get too complicated -ever noticed your mind wandering in class?- and go on autopilot in repetitive tasks -like when you drive home after a difficult day at work and you barely remember your way back home.

Ideas in Action:

Next time you write or speak about your work, make sure you are making it as simple and clear as possible. If you overcomplicate things, people will stop listening!

Now, let me ask you: When you talk about your work, do you overcomplicate things?

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