Messaging 101: How solid is your business message?

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How solid is your business message?
Is it solid enough to sustain you and sustain your clients long-term?

Because if not, then nobody will be able to understand what it is that you do. 

People won’t come asking for your help if you don’t have that bedrock, that great foundation of a clear marketing message in your business.

Hi this is Charo from, and before I get into how you can turn your message into something very tangible and solid, I want to introduce you to someone:
This is my past self.

This is my past self

Way back in 1996 when I graduated as an architect a colleague of mine gave me this handcrafted piece of… me back then.

This is how I looked (laughter) 

I’m a former architect, and that’s why I use buildings as metaphors. 

I think comparing our businesses with buildings it’s very valuable for us as coaches, healers,  holistic practitioners, or consultants because all of us deal with transformation.All of us help our clients transform or heal, evolve and grow in some way.

And the problem is that transformation is very intangible. It’s difficult to touch, it’s difficult to grasp, and if we’re not careful enough, if we cannot make our message solid like the bedrock upon which a building is put, …

…people won’t know what it is that we do. They will not pay attention to our content, they will not come to us asking for help.

So I use houses and buildings as metaphors for our businesses many, many times. And that’s why I bring my younger self here.

So, yes.

How can you make your business message solid enough for people to be able to grasp it,… to understand it,… to touch it metaphorically speaking?

You need three different elements.

First, you need to be very clear about what it is the problem you solve for your clients.

The second thing you need is clarity about who is the group of people that you are the best at helping, the people that you love working with, that you are great at helping them achieve the results they want.

And the third aspect that will turn your message into something very solid that people can grasp is understanding what’s your unique perspective. 

-How do you do what you do in such a way that it’s different from everybody else’s way?

That will be attractive and interesting and that will draw to you the right type of people who value exactly who you are and how you do things.

Okay so you need those three things:

  • -A problem that you can solve, 
  • -The people who you’re the best at helping, and then,
  • -How are you unique.

Ideas in action

So this week please take a bit of time to write down these three things. Put it on paper as I usually do, because when we put things on paper it will turn it into something solid and tangible for you.

If you need more help to clarify your message, and to make it solid,  so it can sustain you and your clients, that is, a business that is financially sustainable and fulfilling for you,  while being helpful for other people, I invite you to visit my website:

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Okay. Thank you for watching and until next time.