What is a signature system? (And why should you care?)

What is a signature system? (And why should you care?)
What is a signature system? (And why should you care?)

I can only say good things about having your own proprietary process, or signature solution as I like to call it.

It changed my life.

I created my first signature process (my F.A.C.I.L. Career Change system) back in 2009 while attending “Purposeful Branding Secrets” with Marcia Bench. It was my very first encounter with the idea of a signature system.

And it made such a difference!

But what is exactly a signature system? And more importantly, why should you care?

Also called your signature process, solution or system, it’s part of your body of work. 

Your solution to one problem, organized into a step-by-step process that you use to help clients.

In my experience, creating your own process is one of the best things you can do for your business. It can change your life -and business- for the better in very little time.

2 Benefits of having your own signature system

The first shift I noticed when I created my F.A.C.I.L. Career Change system was that I began to feel very confident in my work. 

Suddenly I felt very solid. Knowing I had a well-thought process to guide my clients through, gave me a lot of confidence in my ability to deliver the results my clients wanted.

The second shift I noticed was related to my discovery sessions.

The whole nature of the conversation with potential clients shifted.

Until then, trying to explain what I could do for my clients was hard work.

It was difficult to explain, (what the heck is coaching, right?). But when I stopped talking about coaching and started talking about my process instead, things became very clear. 

People finally understood what they would get from working with me: The results were clear, the steps made logical sense to them. So to my surprise, I started enjoying those conversations.

Your signature process proves you are an expert

You Know? People need to understand how you are going to help them.

They need to see there is something tangible and real behind your promises of transformation. 

-”Will she be really able to help me? -How will she do it?” -they will ask in the privacy of their minds, even if they never tell you.

That’s just how we are wired as human beings.

Your signature system proves to them that you know the way out of their problem.

And it’s true, because you can not create a process unless…

  • …you know a lot about the problem, 
  • …you have put a lot of thinking into it, 
  • …and a lot of testing, too.

Your signature solution is the result of your experience with clients; polished and tweaked based on your successes and your failures, backed up by your expertise, your training, the lessons gathered along the way… there are so many things that go into your process!

It’s the result of your hard work.

And that’s why it is so powerful.

I’d love to know. Do you already have a signature process? And if not, what problem will you love to solve with yours?

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