Top 5 personality tests (part 2): Discover your strengths with the Strengths Finder Assesstment

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase: “Play to your Strengths”
But has anyone ever encouraged you to do exactly that?

Lucky you if you had that kind of support around you, but I doubt it. It’s not very common.

So what are exactly your strengths?

Marcus Buckingham, author of “Now. Discover your strengths” and “Go put your strengths to work” defines strengths as those activities that when you do them leaves you feeling energized.

The thing is, how do you find your strengths?

You can try the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment.

Personality Test #4 Strengths Assessment

Known as the Strengths Finder 2,0 this test is designed to help you identify what you do best.

It will help you discover your top 5 talents and will give you a description of what they mean.

This test is backed up by a lot of research. If you are into numbers, you’d like to know that scientists at the Gallup Organization have been testing it for more than 40 years and more than a million people have already taken this test.

But what I really like about this test is not just the fact that it will point to your talents, It also gives you concrete tangible steps to put those talents to good use.

strengthsFor example, when I took the test myself I got:
Futuristic, and
as my top 5 talents.

At first glance that might not tell you too much, but this test gives you a lot of information on each of these talents: what it means to have that talent, what are some of your typical behaviors, how you think, and what makes you stand out.

So I learned that “Input” means I have a craving to know more (which is absolutetly true!) or that “Strategic” means I can find multiple alternatives and different ways of solving a problem. (Anyone that has ever been in a brainstorming session with me will confirm you that)

The test results don’t stop there.
They also give you a whole list of tips on how to develop each talent and apply it to your life!

So even if you just take the test and read the results by yourself, you can gain a great amount of insights about who you truly are.

In the next article, I’ll continue my exploration of the other personality tests I like.
But for now I’d really love to know about you.
-Have you ever taken any of the tests I describe above?
-Did you find them useful?

P.S Oh, and I forgot to mention that I’m currently giving the final touches to the “Your Personal Map to Meaning” Quiz designed to help you gain the a better understanding of who you truly are. (Hint: it reveals your current Archetype Allies!).

If you want to be notified once is ready,  just fill up this form  I’ll make sure you get access to it a soon as it’s ready. (Coming soon!))




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