Top 5 Personality Test (part 4): Handwriting analysis

(In this article series I’m sharing the pros and cons of my favorite personality tests. You can find parts 1, 2 and 3 by visiting this link The best personality tests for career happiness:)

I was on a train on my way to the Uni when I saw a familiar face among the crowd. My high school math teacher, whom I hadn’t seen for years, was standing next to the door, on the right side of the wagon.

I went to greet her:
– Hi, Do you remember me? I’m Charo Pinilla. I was a student of yours a few years ago”

-Oh, I know who you are. I remember you handwriting! -said she.
– I see you’re still studying -she added while looking at the pile of books I was carrying with me.
-Hope everything is going well for you. This is my stop, Glad to see you again!

And then she was gone.

I didn’t have time to say anything else. I wave my hand goodbye, as I saw her walking down the platform, wondering why, of everything else, would she remember my handwriting.

But I shouldn’t have been surprised by that. And here it’s why:

Handwriting analysis: A powerful tool to discover your personality

Graphology, as it’s known in Europe, has fascinated me since I picked up a book in a public library as a little girl. So much so that when I was around 10 years old I started saving my notebooks and writing samples so I could get my handwriting analyzed by me as soon as I got trained as a handwriting analyst!

This is an incredible potent tool of self discovery. It gives you a huge amount of information about your true nature. And in my experience having someone analyze your handwriting is like having someone look straight into your soul.

How you write reflects how you think

Many people are aware that our body language reveals a lot about our inner thoughts and emotional state. What most people don’t know is that we can glimpse that information also from our handwriting.

Neuroscientists have found a correlation between certain movements in the body and specific areas of the brain. When we move, we activate specific areas of the brain related to the body part that we are moving.
Those areas of the brain are also related to specific behaviors.

When you write, you are performing micro movements, thus, activating and reinforcing the neuro pathways related to that specific behaviour, isn’t that amazing?

Handwriting analysis: The best kept secret of Human Resource professionals

Have you ever been asked to send a handwritten letter with your resume?
or maybe the resume had to be written by hand?

That’s a clear sign your potential employer was using handwriting analysis to know you better. It’s very common in my country and in other places in Europe.

And the reason is that they will look for specific traits in the handwriting samples to screen the right candidates for the job very quickly, even before looking at your job experience.

Most common uses of Handwriting analysis

Since handwriting analysis can reveal our personality traits, it has been used for a number of different purposes. As I said before, HR professionals have used it for personnel selection, psychologists and psychotherapists have used as a therapy tool, in jury selection process by some attorneys, and it has also been used to validate the authenticity of signed documents.

It’s a wonderful tool for fostering your personal development.

How can handwriting analysis help you with your career change?

Having your handwriting analyzed is very helpful in career counselling. It helps you identify the careers you could excel at.  If you are in business, it can be very handy to understand if a potential business partner is good for you or not,  Woudn’t it be great to know all that about yourself and others?

It has a downside, though: Either you learn handwriting analysis yourself, or you’ll need to buy a handwriting analysis. But I still think it’s worth it, because it has a great advantage that other self discovery tools lack:
Handwriting analysis acknowledges your capacity for change.

For example, lets say your writing reveals that you are afraid of success, that you have low self esteem, or your capacity to express yourself is very limited, just to name a few traits that can be identified with your writing.
The good news is that you have the power to change those things.

By changing the strokes, (pen movements) that reflect those limiting traits, you will also change the neuro pathways associated with self sabotage, low self esteem and such.

In the next article of this series I’ll share with you my favorite self discovery tool of all. But by now, suffice to say that I’m currently working on a quiz that uses this favorite tool of mine.

This quiz will help you get in touch with the type of work that would be most meaningful for you. Would you like to figure out that kind of information about yourself?

If you want to be notified as soon as it’s ready, make sure to fill up this form and you’ll be the first to receive access to it.

And let me ask you: Have you ever had your handwriting analyzed?
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