What my thyroid taugh me about doing work I love

Back then in 2002, I was working as an Architect.

After everything I had invested to get there: the long years, tons of personal effort and money into getting my credentials…  I wasn’t happy.

Everyone around me thought I was living the dream, but honestly, it was all just a facade.
I was feeling very miserable, knowing I was compromising a huge part of who I was just to fit into that role.

Any kind of change is scary

And still I was unwilling to leave because it felt like I was failing, wasting my life, all the effort, and what would others say? my family? my friends?

But then I got very ill.

I found out my thyroid had developed an autoimmune illness. My body was fighting against itself. Strangely enough, as I knew I was doing daily by forcing myself to go back to work every single day… to that painful, meaningless job.

Our body as a source of Intuition

According to Caroline Myss, our body is always sending us intuitive messages.
The voice of our wisdom comes to us through the cracks of our ailing bodies.

In her system, the fifth chakra (where the thyroid is located) is related to our will power. And every time our mind and our hearts are misaligned, we develop some kind of symptom on the throat area (in my case, the thyroid).

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I could no longer climb to scaffolding to verify the materials of the building because I could barely stand still due to the dizziness I was suffering.
I was dealing with panic attacks and I developed a huge fear of heights…and all because I was pushing myself, unwilling to stop what I was doing.

So eventually, even though I wasn’t willing to make a career change and leave everything behind, my thyroid made that decision for me.

On my 31st birthday, I left.

3 Lessons I got from staying in a stressful job

The truth is this:

1) Doing what you love is NOT just an airy-fairy thought.
It has tangible consequences for you and for others.

2) Staying in a job you hate has costs.
You can only fight against yourself for so long until you develop an illness or create some kind of chaos in your life.

3) Doing what you love is key to your wellbeing and happiness.
Because what your heart wants is aligned with your reason for being alive.

But how do you know what are you called to do?

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