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How to feel good when selling your services (what I learned from an 8-year-old)

How to feel good when selling your services (what I learned from 8-year-old)

Strolling along the aisles of my local mall I overheard a child saying:

-Mom, you want to buy me this.
-No. I don’t -was her answer.
-Yes. You do- the child replied back.

I took a quick glance at my right side and saw an eight-year-old or so carrying a bag of chocolate cookies in his arms.

I smiled both at his naivete and his persistence because I have to admit…

… I could relate so much with his frustration!
We are in the business of change, but…

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The number one mistake conscious professionals make when crafting their offers

flowersThere was a local fair in my home town, that I use to go as a child. I was 12 or 13 back then, and that weekly visit was like a ritual for my friends and me every single sunday.

On that fair you could buy any kind of product, except food. You could find music (remember those old cassette tapes?), clothes, leather bags and belts, shoes, ceramic pieces and figurines made by local artisans, plants and flowers…

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