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Using dreams for guidance in uncertain times

Using dreams for guidance in uncertain times

How would you like to have a personal mentor, guiding you on your path, warning you about impending dangers, and helping you choose the right projects? 

And what if this mentor was available to you for any issue, without asking for money in return? 

Most people don’t know it, but we all have access to this type of help.

Call it intuition, your Higher Self, or a deeper intelligence…

the thing is we all have it. And receiving its wisdom is just a matter of learning how to communicate with it. 

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What my thyroid taugh me about doing work I love

Back then in 2002, I was working as an Architect.

After everything I had invested to get there: the long years, tons of personal effort and money into getting my credentials…  I wasn’t happy.

Everyone around me thought I was living the dream, but honestly, it was all just a facade.
I was feeling very miserable, knowing I was compromising a huge part of who I was just to Continue reading