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Career Change Ideas: 5 Universal Laws of Career Fulfillment

5 universal laws of career fulfillmentYou want to enjoy fulfilling work, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article, right?
But when you are planning a career change, how do you know if a the new career you are considering moving into, will be fulfilling for you or not?

Either if you are planning a career change or if you urgently need to feel better in your current job, knowing these 5 career fulfillment laws will help you. Continue reading

Career Change: The 3 step process for a peaceful career change

peaceful career changeInner peace is one of my most cherished values. Maybe because I feel things too much, I’m all about doing things with the least amount of emotional pain as possible.

But when it comes to making a career change, you know as well as I do, we are up for an emotional roller coaster. So what can we do?

In my experience as a career coach, and simplifying things a bit, I’ve noticed that there are 3 steps than, when followed sequentially, ease away lots of our career change fears.

And interestingly enough, Continue reading

Career change: Similarities between love and choosing your ideal career path

love your ideal careerReality Shows never cease to surprise me … in a bad way.

The latest crazy idea I’ve seen advertised is a show called “Blind date”, where a couple of total strangers get married on their first date.

Can you imagine?
They haven’t even had time to feel any kind of physical attraction, much less to get to know each other enough to believe they could enjoy sharing their lives together.

Call me old fashioned but way before I even considered getting married to whom is now my hubby, we knew each other pretty well (and I guess 16 happy years together mean we did something right when we chose each other)

While this show is probably only fiction, and nobody gets married with anyone, the truth is we tend to approach our career choices in a very similar fashion.

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What career would suit me? The 3 critical factors to discover your ideal career

The “What-career-would-suit-me” question carries a lot of wisdom in itself, because it acknowledges the fact that some careers WON’T be the right fit for you.

Ask anyone who’s ever felt trapped in a soul sucking job and they will confirm you that some careers choices will lead you to disappointment and frustration.

But how do you find the careers that would suit you like a glove?

In this article, I’ll share with you the 3 critical factors you need to keep in mind when evaluating any potential career path.

I’ll tell you exactly how to do that in a moment, but first let me explain what these 3 factors are. Continue reading