How to create content that gets noticed by your ideal clients

To be or not to be…Noticed?

That seems to be the question we ask ourselves every time we share a piece of content online these days.

I’m sure you’ve heard it too:
-”If you want to be found online you need to publish articles, create podcasts, share videos… -experts say- and you’ll get found by those who need you”.

But is that what is really going on? 

Will your clients take the time to read, watch or listen to what you’ve created?
Will they even see it?

With the ever-increasing amount of information claiming for their attention…

…the answer is they probably won’t.
Even if it’s in front of their eyes.

We live in the Era of Information Overload

Most of the time, all that effort you devoted to creating your content is wasted because very few people stop their scroll to read your piece of content.

This reminds me of elementary school when I used to collect all sorts of things: pocket calendars, stickers, animal cards… and exchanged the ones I already had with my schoolmates.

We fell into a light trance state while flipping the cards, in a much similar way that we do today while scrolling through our feeds, while saying:  “Got it, got it, got it,… Stop! I want that one.”

So yes, I think the question is:
Will your ideal clients stop to read your article?

The Neuroscience of Content “Ignoration”

Your brain doesn’t like to feel overwhelmed. Whenever that happens it raises a mental barrier by ignoring most of what is going on.
It will tune out, and filter any type of information that you don’t need at that particular time.

In a similar way I did back at school, your clients’ minds will be thinking: “who cares, who cares, who cares…Stop. I want that one” ignoring all the information that isn’t relevant to them at that time.

Here is where the dark side of marketing can raise its ugly head, and do anything just to get our peeps attention.

I’m sure you’ve seen those dirty marketing tricks: anxiety creating headlines, hype, bloated expectations, false promises… You name it.

There is a better way.

The 3 Rs of Standout Content that Gets Noticed

If you want your content -and your business- to get noticed by those who need your services, you need to be intentional in how you create it.

Apart from sharing it everywhere you can, there are 3 things you need to keep in mind whenever you create content if you want your ideal clients to pay attention to it.

1) Be Relevant

Talk about what matters most to your ideal clients. Address their problems, their fears, their struggles in your content. (And not, that is not being negative).

Or they will ignore you.

Remember that we are living in the Information “Overload” Era. Our minds will only pay attention to things that are relevant to us, ignoring everything else in order to avoid overwhelm.

What is the most pressing problem of your ideal clients that you can help them with? Use that as the focus of most of your business communications.

2) Be Respectful

In your content, share something useful they can apply right now.

Our most valuable asset is time. It’s not a cliché, it’s true. I lost my mother a few months ago, so I know well. Our time here is limited, also your clients’.

Respect your audience’s time and always give something valuable: Share an actionable step or some insight they can apply right now.

3) Discover Your Resonance

Find out your resonant language, the language that reflects who you really are, and resonates with your ideal clients’ values. And speak from there. 

Because words matter.
For example, if someone calls me Ann, I will never turn around, because that is not my name.

You too have a natural voice, one that resonates with your ideal clients on a deep level based on shared values and a similar point of view about life. This is how deep connections are made.

How do I find my natural voice? You might ask. I’ve created a tool to help you with that.

It’s my What Makes You Different? Assessment. It will show your most active Archetype. This Archetype influences how you naturally communicate with your clients, which is the language you tend to use.

You can take it for free by visiting:

These are all easy-to-apply tips. And what’s more important: they will make you feel proud of anything you put out there. Because they are based in a deep sense of authenticity and integrity.

I’m curious.
Which one of them will you start implementing in your next piece of content? Please, leave your comments below.

(Originally published on Sept 10, 2018. Updated Feb 18, 2020)

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