Stand out: How to create a conscious connection with your ideal clients

In this day and age when everything goes so fast, we’ve lost the capacity for attention.

Our emails are flooded, our Facebook feeds are non-stop, and not to mention the webinars we want to attend. Who has the time -and attention- for all that?

The same is going on for your potential clients.

If you are in any way like me, you built a business to follow your calling. You have an inner need to make a difference and help others. But soon discovered it wasn’t enough: in order to do your work you had to be visible first.

So here you are: writing blog posts, sharing your articles on social media, and posting everywhere you can…

… exactly like the other coaches, and healers, and teachers out there.

As I said above, we are overwhelmed with so much information, that’s why finding ways to stand out from all that noise has never been more important.

To Stand Out You Need a Meaningful Message

Let’s talk for a second about the mechanics of marketing your business:
When someone lands on your website -or bumps against one of your articles online- they’ll decide in a split second if it’s worth their time.

We only have a small window of time to show them that we care, have the solution to their problems, and check if we are the perfect fit for them or not. (it is as important to attract your ideal clients as it is to repel those who aren’t)

They are thinking:
“Is there anything for me in this article? Video? Or on this website?
Do I stay or click away?”

And they’ll make that decision based on their first impression.
It’s emotional, instinctive.
You don’t have the time to give them the logical details.

Only, if they feel there is a “click” between you and them, will they dive deeper and take the time to discover more about who you are and what you do.

How to Create a Meaningful connection with your Potential Clients.

You can be intentional in creating that positive click. And do it with Integrity and Authenticity.

In fact, I believe that if you are a coach, healer or teacher, Authenticity is the only way to go.

Our services have a high degree of personal involvement, right?
So we want to be the real thing every time we communicate with them, there is no other way for us.

And if you are wondering, “But Charo, How on earth do I do that?” Let me reassure you that with the right tools it’s easier than you think. So make sure to take my quiz below and get your personalized report to find out what makes you different.

So how do you create that emotional connection, that positive “click” with those who need your help?

Let me put it this way:
“In order to be seen and stand out, you need to be relevant.”

The 3 Key Elements of a Meaningful Message

Make sure that everytime you communicate with your ideal clients or spread the word about your work, you include these three key elements:

Empathy: Show them you understand their situation. The reality of going through their struggles, both at an inner and outer level. This requires you to have a deep understanding of who your ideal clients are so it’s a foundational piece of a meaningful message.
What does it feel like to be in their shoes?

Authenticity: Be you. Don’t fake it. Show your beliefs, your values, your personal style of doing things. Understanding who you are is another foundational piece of creating your message, so make sure you know yourself.

Respect: Be helpful. They have invested their most valuable resource -their time- with you or with something you’ve created, so make sure to give them value. Offer a bit of help they can immediately use. Remember their number one questions is: “What is in it for me?

So following my own advice I want to give you something very valuable for free.

Seriously, if you still haven’t done it, make sure you take my  “what makes you different” Assessment.

It will help you understand yourself at a deep level. You’ll discover your primary Archetype Ally with your strengths, motivations, and pitfalls.
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