Do you need to re-write your message? (Getting noticed in difficult times)

Do you need to re-write your message? (Getting noticed in difficult times)

Before the pandemic made us change all of our habits, I used to meet with my friends in a nice cafe -one of the few places where I could find gluten-free cakes. 

I remember one day. Me, taking a sip of my green tea, and her sharing some story about her son, when suddenly I stopped hearing her voice in mid-sentence.

A bunch of people had entered the place, talking loudly, laughing, and in a second, making it so noisy that we had to stop our conversation.

As it seems, we’re all now in a noisy room…

… except it’s not a room but the whole world, and it’s making it more difficult than ever for solopreneurs to be heard online.

But why is that? 

There is this German word Zeitgeist – if I’ve written it correctly – that explains it very well. 

 Zeitgeist means “the spirit of the times”.

With everything that’s going on, we’re immersed in this Collective atmosphere of what Caroline Myss would call ” psychic free radicals.”

Thus creating this “static” which is interfering with our ability to focus, concentrate, and pay attention to anything else.

The online world it’s more crowded than ever.

Not only because many people have had to reinvent their businesses online, but also due to this Collective fear, this sense of worry around the pandemic and what’s to come. 

The result? 

Our work is more invisible than usual. 

So if you’ve noticed that people are paying less attention to the content you create and share online …

Here are two things you can do. (One is energetic, the other a bit more practical).

Let me go first with the Practical one. 

Remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
Whenever there is this collective sense of worry, we focus on the things at the base of the pyramid. 

We pay more attention to our survival needs: the need to be safe, for us and our loved ones, the need to have enough food, and on and on.  

And we tend to forget about the things that are higher in Maslow’s pyramid,  such as “living your purpose”, “expressing our full potential”. 

The consequence? 
If you talk in those terms, people will pay less attention to your work and your content.

The solution? 
Whenever you talk about your work make it more specific, describe it with more down-to-earth terms. Make it tangible.

The second thing you can do is this:

Bring more of your light into the world.

Who are you when you are at your best? Do you radiate enthusiasm? hope? joy? or peace? 

Infuse your message and your work with those qualities.
In your own way, big or small, you will counteract the negativity by bringing more of your light into this world. 

Ideas into action

So let me recap how you can put these ideas into action. 
Ask yourself two questions:

1) How can I talk about what I do in a way that it’s connected to a more basic need.? 

Describe the benefit of working with you in a more tangible way.

And …

2) What positive qualities do I express naturally when I allow myself to be truly me?

If you’re unclear about your gifts, ask some of your past clients how they felt while working with you. 

Or take my archetype quiz (for free on my site), and find out some of the strongest qualities active in you right now. 

I’ll leave you with one final thought, and it’s this:

Our work is more necessary now than ever.
Let’s shine our light!