Is it possible NOT to live your purpose?

Is it possible NOT to live your purpose?

I’m tired of the guilt-based approaches that many experts are using on the idea of “living your purpose”, don’t you?

 Instead of helping us live more meaningful, inspired, and satisfying lives, expressing our purpose has almost become a chore:

 Another task to add to our already full to-do-list, another reason to feel like a failure, and think that we are falling behind because honestly,…

… we don’t even know for sure what our purpose is.

Oh, and what about the false promises?

Promises I have to admit I believed for some time, till reality proved them wrong?

Things like: “When you are living your purpose, everything flows”, or 

“ You’ll know you’re on purpose because life will be easy” 

“Purpose-based business attract clients as if by magic” .

If only things were so simple.


As I said before, I’m so tired.

If you feel the same way about the idea of living your purpose, I encourage you to take a deep breath. Right now. With me.

Wow, I really needed it.

I want to bring you some relief from the pressure, by showing you how in fact, you are already living your purpose (and a few ways in which you can activate it more, should you choose to).

The 3 Layers of Your Purpose.

These are in my opinion, the 3 different ways in which you can express your purpose.

Most people think there is only one way, so you are probably not aware of some of them.

Let’s dive in.

1) Be Yourself

You are already expressing your purpose simply by being you.
I had a first hand experience of that a few years ago when I was recovering from a medical procedure.

Back in 2010, I had to spend 15 days all alone in my room due to a medical treatment for my thyroid. Nobody could get close to me. Noone.

During that time, I had the rare opportunity of not having anyone around me for days. Even my husband had to sleep in a different bedroom.

But something interesting happened. I got to experience with my own energy field, and how different it felt from the energy field of my loved ones.

You’d know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever had the house just for yourself for a weekend. 

The space feels different, right?

According to Mark Silver, a Sufi teacher and  business mentor of mine, each one of us radiates a specific kind of energetic quality from our soul. Mark calls it your “Jewel”. It’s almost like a light that can not be perceived with the eyes but can definitely be felt. 

Wherever you go, you carry that energetic quality with you. It radiates from your heart, influencing your environment: the people, animals, plants, around you.

So just by being present, you are expressing this aspect of your purpose.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, how much money you have, or where you are in your spiritual journey …

The only thing that counts is that you are alive, and present. That’s all.

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Be it joy, peace, forgiveness, acceptance, love or whatever it is, the first layer of your purpose is to radiate this quality into the world. And you do that just by being.

Doesn’t it feel good to know that?

2) Expand

Another aspect of your purpose is related to learning and growing from your life experiences. You are always doing that, even if you’re not aware of it.

Every day you’re growing, expanding, creating or finding solutions to your problems. 

That’s just life!

And those lessons get coded into your mind, body, and soul. What’s more, evolutionary psychologists tell us that the lessons will also get passed onto the next generation.

You can also be intentional about it.

And thus seeing every difficulty as an opportunity for growth, not just for yourself, but for the good of everyone else.

I know you’ve been through tough times. Be it a loss, a betrayal, health issues, or… you name it. 

And the fact that you survived them proves you got to the other side, bringing some wisdom with you that you’ll be able to share with others if you choose to.

Learning is the second layer of your purpose.

3) Make a Difference in the World

Finally the third way of living your purpose, which by the way, it’s the idea most people have about what living your purpose really means. 

And it’s this:

Following your calling of doing something for the good of other people or the Planet.

It’s by far the most active aspect of your purpose.

And many times it involves building a business around your calling.

But there are many other ways you can do this. And they don’t necessarily involve getting a different job or starting a business, though as I said, it might as well be how you choose to do it.

What matters is that you do contribute, 

…in your own unique way, to the causes that stir your soul.

And it’s true, though, that some careers and businesses are more in alignment with your life purpose than others. They will allow you to add your contribution more easily than others. That’s part of the work I do with people when I help them find clarity about their path that aligns better with their soul’s calling.

But it’s important to understand that you can add your contribution from any job, career, business or life situation you find yourself into. Just by deliberately doing it.

Ideas into Action:

Remember, there are NO big or small acts of contribution to qualify for expressing your purpose.

It might be bringing some food and fresh water to your neighboring feral cats, it can be writing inspiring articles, it can be offering help to a friend in challenging times, it can even be smiling whenever you enter your local store.

So please never use theI don’t know what my purpose is” as an excuse for not doing something. Because No matter how fuzzy, unclear, or uncertain, there is always one step you can take: the thing that feels right and doable. 

Find that thing that sounds inspiring, go ahead and get into action.

And if your next step needs to be finding more clarity around your purpose,

then I encourage you to figure it out by taking my Quiz: What makes you different? It’s free.

Go take the quiz and I’ll send you a personalized PDF with your Soul’s calling results.
Here is the link:

I’m curious to know. What topics, ideas or problems do you feel inspired to add your contribution to, in a positive way?














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