Personal Branding for solopreneurs. Should you even care?

Personal Branding for solopreneurs, should you even care?

We associate branding with those logos we see on packages and products, but could Branding our service business be of any help to us solopreneurs?

Let me share a story.

When I was very young, I attended typewriting classes. I still remember the noise those old, big machines made whenever we pounded their keys. And I still remember the rare occasions in which our teacher would give us a very special type of paper.

This paper was branded with a watermark logo, and when you looked through it you could see the translucent shape of a greyhound dog.

It’s funny the type of things we remember. 

We hold sensory memories of things we’ve used in the past: the smell of a pencil, the feel of a special pen, or like me, the watermark on a sheet of paper I used when I was ten.

That’s a perfect example of how brands work.

What is a brand?

Because we see brands everywhere, we came to associate brands with a logo.

From your favorite tea, the shampoo you use, or your laptop, all of them have a little icon somewhere; a logo telling you which company made it.

But that’s not really what a brand is.

Telling the “who-made-something” is just the shallow side of a brand…
…and it’s of little use for us solopreneurs.

There is a deeper level of branding, though. What I call Authentic Personal Branding, and it can help you be seen and noticed in today’s crowded marketplace.

The deeper level of branding: Brands as Identity.

When we only associate brands with the logos, we fail to understand that a logo is just the visual representation of a broader message.

A brand is a message whose goal is to convey, not only who made the product, but also what differentiates that product from the rest, and what qualities and values that particular product stands for.

In this sense, a brand is like a promise: “This is what you can expect from this service”.

At this level, branding becomes a wonderful tool for solopreneurs, helping us
communicate who we are, what it is we believe in and how we can help our clients in a unique way…
…so those who need our help choose to work with us.

When choosing a product, or service for that matter, we are always wondering if it will satisfy our needs.

– Is this shampoo organic? is it vegan? has it been tested with animals or not?

We don’t want to purchase products that go against our values.
And this is also true for services.

When we are considering enrolling in a coaching program, or in a healing retreat, we ask similar questions.

But services, because they are intangible in nature, are more difficult to compare, and so it’s more difficult for people to decide.
– Does this coach hold the same values that I do? 
– Will she meet my expectations?

Authentic Personal Branding for Solopreneurs

Authentic Branding is about showing up as you truly are. It’s about communicating what it is that you do for others, and how you are different from others in your field.

On this deeper level of branding, you will be able to answer questions like …

– Will this service help me solve my problem? And
– Will it do it in a way that is aligned with my values?

These are the questions each of us as consumers ask silently in our minds whenever we are offered a service.

And if we fail at making it clear, people won’t hire us. Period.

So yes. Branding makes a lot of sense for service professionals…
…but only if done with authenticity, integrity, and soul.

I call it Authentic Branding.

Then it will be a true reflection of who you authentically are. Then you’ll feel great about showing up. Then you’ll be seen and noticed by those who value your work, and love who you are.

And everything starts by gaining clarity about who you are and what it is you do for others.:

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