Know yourself: The number one gift of knowing yourself

As a kid, I used to be the typical Nice Girl: Good grades, homework on time, obedient at home…(and not always happy to be so, let me tell you).

Nevertheless, I was scolded off again and again for just one thing…

…I was too chatty at school!

My teachers would catch me talking to my best friend, instead of paying attention to what the teacher was saying.

Most of the times though, I was just explaining to my friend something she couldn’t understand from the class, which I thought was a commendable thing to do. Apparently, that wasn’t a good enough reason to NOT be quiet in class.

But no matter how many good intentions filled my mind, I just couldn’t stop myself, as if there was a power stronger than my will controlling my behavior.

So I started thinking there was something wrong with me. And I ended up very ashamed of myself.

Knowing yourself brings forgiveness

I wholeheartedly believe that understanding ourselves and others is crucial if we want to improve our relationships with other people and enjoy happier lives.

There is a sense of acceptance and forgiveness that takes place when you discover who you are, even for those aspects of yourself that annoy you the most.


Then you find that life is not a game of repressing your natural gifts, it’s all about asking:

-How can I express that quality in a healthier way?
-How can I use it to bring more value to the world?

That is a radically different way of seeing your apparent flaws, the too-much-of-a-good-thing expressed in unhealthy ways.

What I just shared about my childhood memories of school, it’s a perfect example of a the Too-much-of-a-good-thing type of quality.

Even though I am an introvert, I’ve always loved to share whatever information I had with those who asked for it.

Once I understood this, being “talkative” became “I’m very articulate”. And it’s a great asset for my business. My ability to communicate through writing or speaking is in service to teaching and spreading the word about what I do.

It also helped my move from ashamed, to self acceptance, and from self acceptance to gratitude for my gift.

What difference would it make to your life if you gained a deeper understanding of who you naturally are?
What difference would it make to your business, if you had a better understanding of what makes you unique?
What impact would it have on your business and how you work with clients?

Discover who you are

There are many tools that can help you gain this depth of self understanding. And I happen to be a bit of a junkie of those tools.
So, if you are interested in discovering more things about who you truly are

You can get started by taking my Discover your Difference assessment.

Yes, it’s totally free.
It’s fun.
And I created it myself.

It’s based on the principles of depth psychology and it will help you see yourself under a new, more inspiring light.

Go here to take the assessment now.

And once you’re done, please let me know below:
“What new things have you discovered about yourself?”

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