George Kao interviews Charo about Personal Branding

Do you feel invisible and like no one is paying attention to your content?
In this video, Personal Branding Coach Charo Pinilla will show you how to get noticed by people who value your work, in a way that is authentic, in integrity and with heart.

In this interview, we discuss…
* Why it’s important to stand out and differentiate in today’s online world.
* How your personality type influences how you talk about your work
* Why people might be ignoring your content even if it’s in front of their eyes.
* 3 tips on how to make your content more attention-worthy, healing, and authentic.

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Charo’s Invitation: If you want to discover what makes you different from others in your field and what are the qualities in you that your ideal clients value the most, you can take the free Discover Your Difference assessment at…